We all enjoy travelling and exploring new places but if you are a dog owner then you wish to take your dog along but before travelling with your furry friend you need to understand that travelling can be stressful for your dog so here is the guide for all the dog owners to make the trip of your furry as smooth as possible.

First, you have to prepare your dog for the trip

Take your dog to a veterinarian and get him microchipped, the process is painless and they will insert all the important information under your furry’s skin. Also, get him vaccinated and ensure that his health is intact.

Next thing you need to consider is to monitor your dog’s behavior

Social friendly dog enjoys their trip the most and they can easily cope up with the stress or anxiety. A social friendly dog would have the following traits:

  1. He can stay in the crate without any anxiety
  2. He will not become aggressive towards other humans/animals
  3. He will not get scared of unusual noises

Also before taking him on a long journey, take him to several short journeys in order to see how he responds to it.

Crucial travel tips:

  1. The most important thing is to make your dog wear a collar with Id tag and write down the contact details of where you will be staying.
  2. Take all his medical documents along as in case if he gets ill then the veterinarian would treat him easily by referring his medical history.
  3. Buy a safe and comfy crate for him and make sure that it is big enough to let him stand comfortably.
  4. Feed at least 3 to 4 hours before departure and also meal should be light.
  5. Take along all the necessary dog supplies for grooming the dog
  6. Take a few favorite toys of your furry to give him a sense of familiarity
  7. Carry enough water as you don’t want to make your dog suffer from dehydration

Road trips:

If you are traveling with your dog in a car then you need to take some precautions to avoid any unfortunate situation.

Always fasten seat belt (pet belt) around him to restrict him from roaming around in the moving vehicle.

To avoid car sickness in dogs, it is essential to take a 1-2 hour break and let your dog exercise. It will channelize his energy and he will not feel anxious during the journey

Never feed your furry in a moving vehicle.

Don’t open the window if you haven’t fastened him from the seat belt.

Don’t ever leave your dog in a car. Take him along with you as a car can heat up easily which could be hazardous for your furry

Air trips:

Air travel with your furry may involve many complications as some airlines allow pets after brief paperwork and also you have to show them a health certificate of your furry. So, you need to get a health certificate which has to be conducted 48 hours before the flight.

There are many guidelines set by different airlines so the dog owner needs to go through them before booking the tickets.

Play with your furry before the flight it will make him tired and doze off during departure. Attach an Id tag bearing all the information around the dog’s carrier. Also, not many people realize that jet lag in dogs is a real thing. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from it so make sure to help your dog cope with it when traveling across different time zones.

So, these were some beneficial things that a dog owner needs to be aware about and if you follow up this guide then you will be able to make your furry’s trip smooth and blissful.

January 16, 2018|Dog Care

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