The nutrients requirement is higher in a new puppy as it will set up the foundation of his life. The dog owner needs to pay more attention to his diet during this period. The activities for nursing a new puppy in his first-second week of life include feeding him & keeping him warm. During this period they need to be fed with a milk replacer, you need to feed him frequently after every few hours. You need to feed the puppy this way until he becomes 4 weeks old.

At around 4 weeks of age now you can consider giving some solid food to the dog but you should initially start giving him solid food (kibble) by soaking it into water or milk so that puppy can easily have it. The kibble should be of high quality and it must contain all the beneficiary ingredients that will help in the proper development of the puppy.

At the age of 7 to 8 weeks, now you can start reducing the amount of milk reducer in the kibble and eventually you can start feeding puppy on dry kibble but don’t forget to consult your veterinarian for the feeding schedule as he will accurately tell you what amount of nutrients are required for your pup.

The quality of food, you are feeding your pup has a vital role as the puppy foods should be high in protein for proper body growth and rich in vitamin, fats, and minerals.

At the age of 12 weeks, you need to feed your puppy 3 to 4 times in a day. During this period it is not necessary to feed him that often so 3 to 4 times would be advisable but don’t give a big portion of food.

Once he becomes 6 months old then you should feed him only twice a day and you need to look out for the food which is enriched with nutrients. His diet should be balanced as excessive or deficiency of any nutrients may affect his health.

You should always consider giving a puppy that is specially made for him as if you feed him anything else then it may affect his health and apart from occasional treats you should never feed him from the table as it may add more calories in his body and will eventually make him obese.

So you need to follow the above stated schedule of feeding your new furry member. A puppy’s over-all growth depends upon the nourishment he gets at the early period of his life so you need to pay more attention to him during this period as if he gets the proper nourishment then he will be able to lead a healthy life.

January 5, 2018|Dog Nutrition

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