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Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog

Do you want to celebrate Halloween with your canine companion by your side? Halloween is a crazy both a crazy & scary day of the year as everyone dresses up like a witch, ghost or goblin. Halloween is full of fun, spooky surprises & endless laughs, and every dog owner looks forward to sharing this amazing experience with their furry companion. Celebrating Halloween with dogs make fun memories with your dog. Halloween eve offers a great opportunity for everyone to have fun & create ever-lasting memories.

From hunting for a crazy costume to doing a fun photoshoot, celebrating Halloween with dogs is a great experience. Although Halloween is all about fun, the dog owners need to keep all the activities comfortable for the dog so that he can have a rewarding experience.

Before heading to celebrate Halloween with your dog, you need to shop for a crazy Halloween costume. You can find an array of amazing outfits available in the market so you can choose as per your choice. However, every dog owner should consider following Halloween costume guidelines to make sure your dog feels comfortable in that outfit.

  • Make sure to consider whether your dog feels comfortable in it or not
  • Avoid the costume which is made using any toxic ingredient
  • Don’t forget to consider the temperature
  • Don’t go overboard with the costume
  • Don’t stretch the photoshoot session

halloween-with-dogsAre you running out of ideas? Well don’t worry, in this article, we’ve rounded up a bunch of fun ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog.

Socialize your dog with others

Halloween eve’s offer a great opportunity to let your dog socialize with other dogs and humans. Nothing makes a dog happier than an evening where he can meet other neighborhood dogs. Halloween gives you & your dog a great excuse to spend some fun time with your neighbors & their dogs.

Arrange a fun photoshoot

A Halloween photoshoot with your dog is a great way to treasure all your Halloween eve memories in one frame. You just need a camera and some creativity to have a great Halloween experience with your dog. With a combination of praises & treats, you can make your dog pose like a celebrity. You can dress up him in different costumes & snap pictures. However, the dog owners need to make sure that the photo session should be small as dressing up in numerous costumes & posing for an hour may annoy your dog.

Prepare special homemade Halloween dog treats

Another great way to celebrate Halloween with your dog is by preparing delicious treats for him. Who doesn’t love treats on Halloween & Halloween is quite incomplete without it so you can bake cookies for your dog & shower all your love on him.

Carve a pumpkin

First of all, you need to find a pet-friendly pumpkin patch then you can go there with your furry companion to pick a pumpkin then you can come back home and carve a pumpkin with your dog. You can also decorate it with your dog. Dogs really enjoy doing these little things with their owners as it helps in improving their bond.

Watch a Halloween movie with your dog

The next thing that you can consider doing is watching a Halloween movie with your dog. Just grab a cup of coffee and some treats, curl up on the couch with your dog and watch Halloween movies. Nothing will make your dog happier than cuddling with your dog on a Halloween eve.

Trick or treat with your dog

Another interesting way of celebrating Halloween with your furry companion is by doing trick or treat with your dog. If your dog is outgoing then you can take your dog along for trick or treat. If you have a well-behaved dog then you can attend Halloween events with him but make sure that he doesn’t get easily spooked. You can also consider handing treats to your neighbor with your dog but make sure to monitor him all the time.

So, these are a few interesting ways to celebrate Halloween eve with your dog. Sometimes, Halloween may make you’re a little scary if he gets easily spooky. The dog owners need to evaluate his dog then consider doing the activity which your dog will enjoy the most.

halloween-with-dogsIs it cruel to dress up your dog for Halloween?

Although Halloween is totally harmless for pets still some people believe that dressing up dogs in Halloween is cruelty. So is it reality cruelty towards dogs? Well, in my opinion. Every dog is an individual so every dog experience it differently. Some dogs don’t enjoy the Halloween eve whereas some dogs become obsessed with their costume. There is nothing wrong with dressing up dogs in Halloween costumes, all you need to make sure is that your dog feels comfortable & happy. If you notice any signs of stress in your dog then you need to get your dog out of that costume before he starts showing aggressive behavior. Also, avoiding going overboard with your dog’s costume as it will make your dog uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating Halloween with your furry companion is a great way to have some fun time with your dog. Make sure to keep your dog calm and secure amidst the chaos of Halloween festivities. This Halloween, add your furry companion to double up the fun quotient.

October 5, 2019|Dog Care

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