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Facial Swelling in Dogs

Facial swelling in dogs can happen due to numerous reasons. From dog bites to dental problems to an allergy, anything could be the potential reason behind it.  Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from swollen face issue which requires a proper medical intervention. One of the most common reasons behind a dog’s facial swelling could be allergies, vaccination, toxin or other environmental allergens. The dog owner should be aware of all the signs, treatment & prevention of facial swelling so that you can help your dog before it can get worse. No matter how mild the swelling appears, the dog owner should never take the situation casually. Regardless of appearance, it is essential seek the help of a professional. No matter what is the reason behind the facial swelling, it can become life-threatening if the swelling reaches the throat.

On noticing a partial or fully puffed face of your furry companion, you need to act wisely & take proper steps to cure it. Sometimes, determining the potential reason behind facial swelling is quite challenging as there are numerous possible reasons which can cause puffiness in your dog’s face. Facial swelling can also indicate any underlying medical issue so any delay in the treatment can result in worsening the health of your furry companion.

facial swelling in dogsIn this article, we’ll consider all the possible signs, causes & treatment of facial swelling in dogs:

Facial swelling is a reaction that indicates the underlying medical problem of your furry companion. On noticing the swollen face of a dog, you need to rush to a doctor where he will determine what could be the possible reason behind this.

Here’s some of the common causes of facial swelling in dogs:

Dental issue

Not many people are aware but facial swelling can happen due to dental issues. If your dog is prone to dental issues then it can lead to facial swelling. Sometimes, when a dog has severe tooth infection then it can go deeper into the gums which end up filling the gums with pus thus resulting in facial swelling. Also, broken teeth or periodontal diseases can also result in a swollen face.


One of the most common causes of facial swelling in dogs is allergies. Dogs can become allergic to a number of things such as vaccination, medication, food, and plants. If your dog is allergic to something then you need to keep him away from it so as to avoid any allergic reaction. Treating allergies is highly crucial as otherwise, it can create many health complications. Also, if the allergy is not treated on time then it can affect the whole body of your furry companion. The dog owner should take necessary steps before the swollenness spread to the throat area.


Just like humans, dogs can also have cancerous or non-cancerous tumors. When a dog has a tumor on his face then it can cause facial swelling. If your dog has a facial tumor then you will notice facial swelling along with excessive odor or bleeding. The swollen face of a dog indicates the underlying health issue of the dog so it is highly crucial to act actively.

Signs of facial swelling in dogs:

By keeping a close eye on your furry companion, you can notice the signs of facial swelling in dogs. By having proper & deep knowledge of all the signs of facial swelling, you can easily address it before it becomes a severe problem.

  • Mild swelling around the eye area
  • Small bumps on the face
  • Itchiness & redness
  • Blood clot over the face
  • Muscle inflammation

On noticing any of these signs, you need to take your furry companion to a veterinarian where he will perform a full examination to determine the possible cause behind this issue, and then treat him accordingly.[/fusion_text][fusion_text columns=”” column_min_width=”” column_spacing=”” rule_style=”default” rule_size=”” rule_color=”” class=”” id=””]

facial swelling in dogsTreatment of facial swelling in dogs:

The veterinarian will treat the facial swelling of your pooch by running a proper examination test then he will find out the possible cause of facial swelling. Let’s discuss what could be the possible treatment of a dog’s facial swelling.

In the case of allergies:

If the swollen face of your furry companion is a reaction of an allergy then the doctor will give him medication to control his allergy from getting severe. In the case of extreme allergic reaction, the doctor may keep him on supportive care.

In the case of dental issues:

If the facial swelling occurs due to any dental issue then the doctor will treat that dental problem first by giving proper medication then he will perform the whole dental treatment. The doctor may give your pooch anti-biotics or anti-inflammatory medicines to treat it. Once the dental issue is addressed, the facial swelling will also start getting better.

In the case of tumor:

If the doctor suspects the cause of facial swelling to be tumor then he will perform a series of tests such as blood tests, x-rays, etc. to test the tumor thoroughly. Then he will start your dog’s medication to treat it.

Prevention of facial swelling in dogs:

As we all know that prevention is always better than cure. Taking preventative steps is the best way to protect our dogs from having facial swelling. If your dog is allergic to something then the dog owner should keep him away from it as a little exposure to allergen can result in cause severe issues. All dog owners should pay extra attention to their dog’s teeth. Dental problems in dogs occur due to lack of dental hygiene. Taking good care of your dog’s teeth is essential to avoid any dental problem from developing.

Final Thoughts

All the dog owners should take the issue of a dog’s swollen face severely as swollen face is an indication of underlying medical problem which needs immediate medical attention otherwise it can create many health complications in your dog.

October 3, 2019|Dog Health

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