Feeding raw food or some may call it BARF diet (bones and raw food) is essentially a controversial topic. As this diet emphasizes on feeding raw meat, vegetables, and fruits to your dog. Actually, it is considered the oldest form of diet given to dog’s earlier. Sled dogs were fed on this diet and understanding its benefits people nowadays started this practice. BARF diet was first proposed by the Ian billing Hurst, an Australian veterinarian in the year 1993. He suggested that dogs may thrive to eat raw meat as they used to eat before becoming domesticated but many veterinarians refuted his proposal of feeding raw food.
There are various benefits and risks involved in this diet, so we need to be aware of it before following it.

A). The potential benefits of following this diet is:

  1. This diet ensures healthier skin of your dog
  2. Your dog will have cleaner teeth
  3. It will also help in increasing the energy of your dog
  4. Your dog will have less stool

B). The potential risks involved in following this diet:

  1. Raw meat get infected by bacteria easily so feeding raw may result in making your dog sick
  2. This diet is not balanced and thus your dog will not able to get the minerals that are needed for proper development of his body
  3. Eating raw meat can harm the teeth of dog and it may get break
  4. Eating whole bones may result in choking

So, these are certain factors that make this diet so controversial as some consider its benefits and some consider the risks involved so the dog owner must refer his doctor before following this diet as this diet of feeding raw may not be suitable for your dog.
BARF diet usually includes feeding raw eggs, raw muscle meat, bones, apple, broccoli, raw organ meat etc. Several other kinds of raw food diets that include frozen food and mixed with grains are also available in the market.

So, you should keep these factors in mind before following BARF diet and don’t forget to consult your doctor.

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