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Emergency Preparedness Guide for Dogs

Most of the people don’t consider thinking what will happen when disaster will strike. Being a pack owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe from any hazardous situation. During emergency, you are the only support system of your furry companion. Planning plays a crucial role in keeping your furry companion safe in the case of natural disaster.

As we all know, future is full of uncertainties and, being prepared for an emergency can help you in keeping your dog out of danger.

An emergency situation can arise due to hurricane, flood, earthquake, and fire etc. To avoid any casualty, it is necessary to ensure that you have an emergency kit.

The emergency kit must contain pet food, leash, water and necessary medication etc.

The dog owner must consider finding out the type of assistance available to keep his dog safe during a disaster.

Planning for an emergency situation

The unfortunate situation can happen without any warming but by adequate planning, you can stay prepared for any adverse situation.

Microchip your dog

The most important thing that every dog owner must consider doing is to microchip his dog. Microchip will contain all the update details of your dog and always ensure to register all the details with the microchip agency. By inserting a microchip into his skin, you can stay prepared for any worse situation. In the case of disaster, if you get separated with your furry companion then you can easily reunite with him.

Also, never forget to carry a picture of your dog with yourself during adverse situations.

ID collar

The next essential thing is having a collar carrying all the necessary contact information. Ensure that it is in a waterproof format so that it stays the same even during an emergency situation.

Consider pet-friendly shelters

During adverse situations, when you need to evacuate from your place then don’t forget to take your furry companion along with you. Any place that is not suitable for you is equally not suitable for your four-legged friend. It is essential to consider pet-friendly shelters so that your furry friend can also stay safe during a disaster. Also, looking for a pet-friendly hotel when disaster has already approached can elevate your stress level so, the dog owner must consider mapping out all the places where he can go with his furry friend during a disaster.

Emergency veterinary facilities

The next thing that a dog owner needs to consider is the availability of emergency veterinary facilities. During hazardous condition, if your dog becomes injured then he would require emergency veterinary facility so being the pack leader, it is your responsibility to check the various veterinarians available outside of your immediate area.

Keep handy the location of shelters

If due to any reason, you get separated with your furry companion then you would probably look for him in the nearby shelters so, to avoid that much stress one must always keep handy the location of the nearby shelters. It will help in getting reunited with your furry companion easily.

Comfort your dog

An emergency situation is as stressful for a dog as it is for humans. It becomes necessary for the dog owner to keep his dog comfortable during evacuation and for that, you can consider interacting with them or give them chew toys.

Exchange pet information

To avoid any unfortunate situation, you can consider spreading pet information or evacuation plan with your trustworthy neighbors. If you are not at your home then your neighbors can evacuate your furry companion for you.

So, these are a few things that the pack leader needs to consider while planning an emergency situation.

Emergency kit

While preparing for an emergency, it is essential to carry an emergency kit containing all the essential supplies that your furry companion would require.

While assembling the kit, make sure that all the items are fresh and have not expired and the container where you will store the essentials is sturdy enough.

Let’s find out various things that the dog owner needs to store in the kit:

  • Leashes and carrier to safely transport your furry companion during emergency situation.
  • Fresh dog food for your furry companion
  • Water bowl, food bowl and litter pan
  • Carry waterproof medical history of your four-legged friend.
  • Carry all the essential medications
  • The dog owner must carry a hard copy of your dog’s current photo so that you can easily identify your dog
  • The dog owner must carry the number of the veterinarian so that he can contact him regarding the health and behavior of his dog.
  • The dog owner must carry a few toys in the kit so that he can calm down the stress level of the dog during the disastrous situation.

So, these are the essential things that the dog owner must carry in the emergency kit.


The emergency situation can bring a drastic change in your furry companion’s behavior as he can become fearful and aggressive. The dog owner must consider consulting a veterinarian to help him recover from it. Being a pack leader, it is your responsibility to keep your furry companion in sound mental and physical health. You need to monitor the behavior of your dog to be aware of his well-being.

Your furry companion is completely dependent on you so, you must take proper precautions in order to ensure their safety during an emergency situation.

April 9, 2018|Dog Care

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