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Dog walking tips

Walking with your four-legged friend once or twice a day plays a vital role in maintaining his overall well being. The dog owner should master the technique of walking his dog so that he remains under your control throughout the walk. Walking helps your dog to release his surplus energy and keeps in a healthy state.

Let’s consider some of the dog walking tips that every dog owner should follow:

Make use of a short leash

The dog owner should make use of a short leash as it helps in giving him more control over his dog. While walking on a long leash, the dog owner won’t be able to guide his dog properly. Correcting your dog on a walk is essential to filter his behavior.

Keep your dog hydrated

Your dog can easily get dehydrated during warm weather and it is your responsibility to make him drink plenty of water while strolling around the city. The dog owner should bring plenty of water for his four-legged friend as dogs can easily get overheated.

Always walk as a pack leader

Dogs are pack animals, and they should visualize their owners as a pack leader. While taking your dog on a walk, you should act like a pack leader by walking in front of him. If you let your dog walk in the front then he will feel that he is the pack leader and he will start leading you so to avoid that from happening, you should always keep him behind or beside you.

Make sure to pick up your dog’s poop

Dogs can eliminate during the walk, and it is the dog owner’s responsibility to clean the area by picking up his dog’s poop. Dog poop can contain various harmful pathogens which can spread various diseases so to keep the surrounding tidy, and other people or pets free of disease, every dog owner should consider it as his responsibility.

Reward good behavior

The dog owner should always reward his dog’s good behavior. If your dog remains calm & composed and is following all your commands then you should reward him by giving treats. Rewarding good behavior of dog will make him do it more often.

Avoid using regular collar leash

The dog owner should avoid using a collar leash for walking a dog as such collars can harm the dog. The dog owner should consider making his dog wear a chest harness or head halter while walking him.

So, these are a few essential walking tips that every dog owner needs to consider. Walking is a great exercise for both humans and dogs, and it is also a good way for the dog owners to bond with their dogs.

August 16, 2018|Dog Care

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