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Dog Treats: Do’s & Don’ts

All dog owners love to spoil their four-legged friend with lots of affection and treats. Treats play a vital role in rewarding the dog’s good behavior. However, the dog owner should offer treats to his furry companion responsibly as offering too much treat can end up making your dog obese. It is essential to maintain a proper balance while offering treats to him. Some dogs also have an habit to hide their treats which make people wonder why do dogs hide their treats.

Let’s discuss some dog treats dos:

  • Dog treats are very beneficial while training or teaching new things to your dog. Treats acts as a motivator for dogs. The dog owner should consider treating his dog whenever he displays good behavior as this will encourage him to perform such behavior more often.
  • Always read all label before buying any treat for your dog as some dogs are prone to food allergy so it would be better to buy treat which doesn’t trigger any undesirable reactions.
  • Keep count of every consumed calorie. One must consider his dog’s age and energy level before offering him tempting treats. If you have a senior dog having much low energy level then you should consider offering him treats only in a limited amount.
  • While giving treats to your dog, make sure to follow the feeding guide properly. Generally, your pooch’s age and health decide the quantity of treat.
  • Always make sure to feed treats to your dog in a clean and well-maintained bowl. Feeding in a dirty bowl can make your furry companion fall sick.
  • The dog owner should provide access to fresh water to his furry companion. Plenty of fresh water will help in keeping him hydrated.

Dog treats don’t that every dog owner should follow:

  • The dog owner should never feed human snacks to his furry companion as there are some human foods that are toxic to dogs.
  • Avoid overfeeding your dog with treats as it can make him obese.
  • If you have an over-excited dog then you should avoid giving treats to him when he becomes overly excited about it. Always ensure that he is calm and composed then offer him his treat.
  • The dog owner should never give table scraps as it encourages begging behavior in a dog.
  • The dog owner should never replace regular meals with treats as treats are not enriched with the essential nutrients.

Treats are a great way to encourage good behavior in dogs. The dog owner should keep the above-stated dog treats dos and don’ts in mind before offering treats to his four-legged friend. The frequency and the amount of treats should be given according to your dog’s age and health.

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