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Dog Paw Care

If you own a dog then probably you would like to take him on walks but just like human feet, their paws need protection and care. The pads in their paws are surely meant to provide protection but due to walking on rough terrains and in extreme weather condition, they may get cracked. The pads work as a cushion and protect the tissues and joints present within the paws. If not taken care properly then a dog’s paws tend to get wear and tear with the passage of time and they are also prone to injuries like cuts, bruises which causes pain and potentially gets infected.

So, if you don’t want any risky complication to arise then start taking care of your four-legged friend’s paws


The primary cause of ear infection is an attack of bacteria but there several other agents that cause this infection and these are allergies, yeast, and hormonal imbalances. The presence of a foreign object can also be the reason behind the infection. If ear canal becomes moist while bathing or swimming then the moisture leads to the building of bacteria and causes inflammation. Dogs that are prone to allergies from different food product and pollens are generally prone to ear infections. Dogs who develop excessive wax or have excessive hair in their ear are generally disposed to develop infections.


The symptoms that will indicate if your dog is having ear infection are

  • Frequently head shaking
  • Continuous scratching around the ear area
  • Redness
  • Ear Odor
  • Discharge from ear
  • Hair loss around ear

If your dog is showing any above-stated signs then it’s time give him a proper treatment.


  • Regular pedicures
    Examine whether your furry companion’s nail needs to get trimmed. If your dog’s nails are touching the ground and making sharp noise then it’s time to chop it. If you feel hesitant in doing it then visit a dog groomer for this. The dog owner needs to trim his nails regularly.
  • Paw hair trimming
    The dog owner needs to trim the hair present in the paws to ensure that his furry companion doesn’t feel any discomfort due to it. The dog owner needs to do regular combing of the hair.
  • Clean the pads
    Clean the pads after every play or walk session as foreign objects can get in between of his pads. Look out for small pebbles or pieces of broken glass and remove it with the help of tweezers.
  • Moisturize the pads
    With the passage of time, the pads can get cracked and dry so the dog owner needs to moisturize them. Moisturizers made for humans are different from the moisturizers that are made for dogs so keep that in mind and avoid applying any human moisture on your four-legged friend’s paws as it will make his paws soft and which are more prone to injuries.
  • Massages
    Paw massages are good for your furry companion health as it promotes blood circulation in the paws. Rub the pads and between his toes, it will help him in relaxing.
  • First aid
    If your dog gets any cut in his paws then he would probably require some first aid so while doing it first clean the pads with an anti-bacterial wash to avoid any kind of bacterial infection then apply anti-bacterial cream and cover up it with layers of bandage.
  • Summertime care
    During summertime, the dog paws are prone to get blisters or burning so in order to avoid that make sure that he doesn’t walk on hot surfaces. You can use anti-bacterial soaps if any blistering occurs.
  • Wintertime cares: In harsh cold conditions the paws of dogs can get dry and it may often lead to cracks in the pads. Also, the salts that are used to melt the ice can also harm your dog’s paws so make sure to wear his boots before heading outside.

So, these were a few beneficial tips that a dog owner needs to consider in order to take care of your furry companion’s paws as his paws also need some pampering.

January 27, 2018|Dog Care

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