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A dog can bring endless happiness to your home. And for a new dog owner, a big question arises that how to do their care.
You can do their care by proving them

  1. Healthy environment : the environment in which they play or live must be healthy as if your dog play or sit in unhygienic area then he may suffer from various diseases.
  2. Giving them balanced diet: a proper balanced diet will ensure proper development of bones and muscles and dog will stay healthy and immune from any diseases.
  3. Clean water: clean water is something which is very necessary as contaminated water can cause diseases
  4. Regular checkups : regular visit to veterinarian is necessary as these speechless creature cannot tell you their problems so regular visit to a doctor is important to make sure ensure their state of well-being.
  5. Proper grooming : brushing their hair and cleaning them is also important and the pet owner must give them a bath after every few days.
  6. Ensuring enough exercise to avoid making them obese : physical activity is the best thing a dog love so the owner needs to ensure that they must take their dogs on walk, this will help the dog to channelize their energy and also help them from not getting obese.

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