When temperature drops and the weather gets bitter cold which may cause discomfort to your four-legged companion, the dog-owners need to consider certain factors to keep them safe. There is a misconception in people’s mind that dogs don’t need any extra coating and their fur will keep them warm but that is not true this little creature also needs layers of clothing in winter. Some dogs may have a thick layer of fur on their body but not every dog is that much gifted with thick fur so dog-owners need to pay more attention to them. There are many other things that a dog owner needs to take care of in winters.
So let’s check out what are those things that a dog owner should know to protect their dog from the harsh weather condition of winter.
There are two major health conditions from which we need to protect our dogs.

A) Risk of Hypothermia:

It is a very serious condition and generally occurs when the dog spends too much time outside in the bitter cold, then the chances of hypothermia increases. In severe cases, it can be life-threatening so the dog owner needs to protect the dog and keep him warm. If the dog shivers then immediately took the dog indoor in a warm area.

This condition occurs when the body of dog started getting cold and the body ensure to keep it warm from pulling the blood circulation from the other body parts to the vital parts then the risk of frostbite occur as it makes the paws and ears so cold that after some time it may freeze which lead damage to the tissues so the dog owner needs to be careful in winters and must avoid taking the dog out in harsh cold conditions.

The dog owner needs to check how much cold is it for the dog and you can know simply by examining his behavior while he’s playing outside. If he is behaving normally then he can take up that much of cold if he is not playing and sitting at one place shivering then you need to be alert and must take him indoors as he can’t handle that much of cold.

As humans have a different regime in the winter season, same way dog owners need to follow winter regime while taking care of their dog. As in winters the body needs extra care to fight the harsh climate condition.

The dog owners need to follow some tips which will be beneficial for their dog:

Extra layer of clothing

There are various breeds of dog, some having a beautiful thick layer of fur and some with very less coating so the dog owner needs to understand that just like us they can also feel the harsh weather condition So, buy some cozy warm sweaters and scarves for them so that they can stay warm and cozy.

Take them outside in the warm hours of the day

Take your dog out for a walk or for doing any physical activity in the afternoon when it is not so cold outside and your dog can enjoy his walk or other activities. Taking them early in the morning is not a good decision to make so take them out when the conditions are right for them.

Use Moisturizer

Just like human’s skin, dog’s skin can also get dry and flaky in the winter season so the dog owners need to apply a good moisturizer to their skin. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer as the oil will serve the purpose of hydrating their skin. Take care of your furry friend’s skin in winters.

Take care of paws

Just like humans can have cracked in the feet, dogs can also have cracked in their paws so the dog owner needs to consider proper dog paw care as not cleaning them can cause discomfort to the dog so when you get home from the walk just make sure to clean all the salts from the paws of your dog. You may buy booties for better protection of their paws.

Avoid over-feeding them

Dogs are less active in winters so dog-owners need to keep this in mind before feeding them so they need to cut down the calorie intake as dogs are less engaged in various physical activities during the winter season so overfeeding would lead to making them obese. Obesity in dogs is a growing problem that can be prevented by avoiding feeding your furry companion more food than what his body ideally needs.

Dogs are less active in winters so dog-owners need to keep this in mind before feeding them so they need to cut down the calories intake as dogs are less engaged in various physical activities during winter season so over feeding would lead to make them obese.

January 2, 2018|Dog Care

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