Every dog owner must wonder whether their furry friend really able to reciprocate their love or the love of humans have now become instinctive for him.

In the year 1859, Charles Darwin tried to examine the dog’s relationship with human and in his research he claimed that a dog’s ability to attach with humans is instinctive and it developed in them due to their domestication as it was believed that a wild animal can never get attached to humans due to their wild instinct. In his book ‘origin of species,’ he explained that dogs behave in such manner because of their inheritance and they do not grow any attachment towards humans and it is a completely unlearned behavior but he was unable to provide any evidence.

Whereas the animal behaviorist said that their behavior is influenced by both genetic predisposition and environment around them. They don’t agree with what Darwin has stated regarding this as he has created a false duality between nature and nurture by referring to ‘instincts’.

The various research has been done to find out the truth and the theory which Darwin has given has been refuted by the scientists of the 20th century, in their study they showed that dogs are not born with this loving behavior towards human instead they learn to love them. They develop this ability and get attached to them when he lives with them. If a dog doesn’t have any interaction with humans then he will be fearful and tends to avoid any close contact with the human.

So, the theory that Darwin held regarding this has been completely proven wrong as the love dog has for a human is not due to his instinct. The genetic factor may work in forming their behavior but it also largely depends on the environmental experiences.

So as now we know that your furry companion actually loves you, let’s explore this relationship on a deeper level.

Now, the question that appears to us is how do we know that our dog really loves us

So here are some signs that will tell you that your dog really adores you from the bottom of his heart

Cuddling after the having the last meal:

You can actually know if your dog really loves you by observing his certain habits. Your dog may love to play outside after having the first meal of the day and it is fine to do so but what does your dog do after having his last meal? Does he cuddle you? If yes, then it’s a great news for dogs probably love to be with his owner after having his last meal. It’s his way of displaying affection.

Where does your dog prefer to sleep

If your dog’s favorite place to sleep is beside you then I can affirm you that your dog does reciprocate all the love that you have to shower over him. Dogs feel safe around the people whom they love and enjoy sleeping beside them.

How does he behaves when you leave for work:

Dogs have separation anxiety due to which he never led their owner go on work so they tend to whine but if your dog really loves you then he will let you go as he knows that you will come back to him. So it builds trust in him and also makes your bond stronger and as everyone knows that trust is the foundation of any relationship.

How does he behaves when you get back home:[

Now, it is very important to observe how your dog feels when you get back home. if he gets excited after seeing you and starting jumping around then you should know that your dog is really glad to see you and really missed you but if your dog doesn’t show any excitement then you need work on your relationship as it is not that strong.
Does he looks into your eyes:

No, it’s not a sign of aggression actually it means that he adores you. As eye contact between dog and their owner is a sign of affection, eye contact releases oxytocin which is a bonding hormone so if your dog looks straight into your eyes then it suggests that he really love you.

Does he licks your face :

That’s another way of showing affection. Humans display their affection by kissing their dogs numerous times and dogs generally give puppy kisses by licking their owner’s face.

Does he leans against you:
Dogs lean due to many reasons but to display affection is one of them. If he leans against you then it means that he knows that you will protect him and keep him safe.

Does he follow you:

As dogs are pack animals so they love being around their family and if your dog follows you around then it suggests that to him you are his family and he enjoys & loves to be around you.

Wagging tail:
A wagging tail generally implies that the dog is in a very happy mood and if your dog starts wagging his tail after seeing you then it implies that you are his source of happiness and he is really happy to be around you.

 So these are a few signs that a dog do to display his affection towards his favourite human. Dogs are very sensitive animal and they spread happiness in their owner’s life so thinking that you are the only one who loves more would be injustice to these little creatures as they love us more than we will ever get to know. They may be speechless but know very well how to display affection. You just need to observe their behaviour then you will know how much you mean to them.

January 10, 2018|Dog Care

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