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Does your dog not greet you anymore?

Coming home to a wagging tail is absolute bliss & it melts away all the stress. When a dog owner comes home after a long tiring day, all he wants to see is his furry companion rushing towards the doorstep, however, as the dog starts to age, he becomes less active than usual which could be one of the reasons why your dog doesn’t greet you anymore but if your dog is still at a young age then this unaffectionate behavior of your dog towards you could be due any other reason.

The dog owner should never overlook the unaffectionate behavior of your dog as it indicates that your dog is going through some underlying issue which needs to be treated otherwise it can affect the overall well-being of your dog.

The foremost thing that you need to consider is to ensure that your furry companion is free of any health issues. Sometimes, when a dog is going through any medical issue then he becomes physically weak & emotionally unhappy so in that case he may feel disinterested in greeting you at your doorstep. In this case, you need to observe whether your dog feels agitated or disinterested in doing other work as well then there is something wrong with him, and you need to seek help of your veterinarian.

Another major reason behind your dog’s disaffectionate behavior could be any previous displeasing behavior, like if you have scolded or punished your dog for being naughty when left alone then your dog might have associated bad experience with your homecoming.  So, in this case, you need to work on your relationship with your dog so that he can let go of all bad experience and learn to associate you with good things and happy experience.

Next possible reason why your dog doesn’t greet you anymore can be due to your ignorance. If you used to ignore your dog’s affectionate behavior when he used to greet you before then he may have learned that you think that greeting isn’t a good thing so as a result, he has stopped doing it anymore.

The last possible reason behind your dog’s non-greeting behavior could be social maturity. Some dog breeds are destined to stay aloof which could be a reason why they don’t greet you anymore. To modify this behavior, you can train your dog well to be more socially active which will eventually help him in connecting with you on a deeper level.

Final Thoughts

Your dog greeting you at your doorstep is an enjoyable arrival ritual which can take away all your stress & disappointments. If your dog is not greeting you anymore then you need to look for the potential reason behind it. You are your dog’s pack leader so you need to resolve all the inconveniences that your dog is probably facing.

August 14, 2019|Dog Care

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