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Do Dogs Like Wearing Clothes?

Have you ever watched a fancy dog wearing more fashionable clothes than you wear? While it may be tempting to watch a dog wearing different costumes but, the main question is how a dog really feels, and Is it healthy for dogs to have a layer of clothing over their body?

If you are a pet parent then, dressing up your pooch in fancy clothes probably have occurred to you. Generally, people dress up their pets for mainly 2 reasons – one for fashion purpose, and the other is to make them feel more comfortable. As responsible pet owners, we should take into consideration how our furry friends really feel after dressing in a piece of clothing.

Would our life be much easier if only our dogs can speak? They would have easily communicated whether they like eating clothes or not. Sure, it’s cute to make your dog wear colorful dresses that match their personality traits but everything boils down to how your dog reacts in his extra piece of attire.

In this article, we’ve rounded up all the essential facts that every pet owner need to know before dressing up the pet:

Dressing your dog with a healthy dose of common sense is essential to ensure that your dog is feeling comfortable in it. As we all know that all dogs are different, some have thick hair & some have thin, some prefer freezing temperature whereas some live in moderate temperature so when it comes to clothing your pooch, the dog owner should make an informed decision.

When is it okay to make your dog wear clothes?

#1. If the dog has thin fur & low body fat

If you have a pooch with thin fur & low body fat and are living in a part of the globe where you frequently experience freezing temperature then, it becomes necessary to put an extra piece of clothing on your pooch. Fur helps the dog to insulate its body so dogs with thin fur tend to struggle to keep their bodies warm. In such cases, making your dog put on a warm sweater is a great idea.

#2. To prevent allergies

Is your dog prone to any skin condition or allergies? Well, then adding a clothing layer can be beneficial to prevent it. When a dog gets allergies then he tends to lick, chew or scratch that area which can infect it even more so by making your dog wear clothes, you can add create a barrier between him & the allergens.

#3. For a special occasion

When it comes to special occasions or festivities, you can make your dog wear cute costumes. Just make sure that the outfit you’re picking for him is comfortable for them.

When is it not okay to make your dog wear clothes?

#1. If the dog feels unhappy

We all want our furry companions to be happy at all times so if you are going to get your dog dressed then make sure to check how he is feeling after wearing it. If he seems unhappy then avoid making him wear clothes. Keeping the dog in an uncomfortable costume can make him stressful so make sure not to do it.

#2. Restricts movement

If the outfit restricts your pooch’s movement then it is a big no. You don’t want your pooch to be struggling in the clothes that you made him wear. Make sure to pick the dress that allows your dog to move & jump freely. Also, the dress shouldn’t be too tight for him as then it will affect the blood circulation in the body.

So, these are the factors that every dog owner needs to consider when deciding whether his pooch needs clothes or not.

Is it really necessary?

Now that we’ve already discussed when it is okay and when not to put clothes on your pooch. It’s time to discuss whether making your dog wear clothes really necessary? Well, if you are dressing up your pooch for the sake of dressing up then you should always ensure that your dog isn’t feeling uncomfortable in it. On observing any changes in his behavior, you should reconsider your decision to dress him.

If the climate conditions make it necessary to make put clothing on your pooch then always make sure that the material is soft and fits well so that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable in it. If your pooch still doesn’t feel happy in it, then ditch the clothing regardless of the weather conditions. Just make sure to maintain the room temperature to keep your dog warm indoors.

Always remember to let your dog be a dog. Let him flaunt his healthy & shiny fur, as long as the weather conditions are favorable.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that if you are planning to dress up your dog then, make sure to keep an eye on his body language & behavior. If he shows any sign of discomfort then take that dress off immediately. No matter how cute your dog looks in a dress, always remember to keep his comfort as a priority.


May 19, 2021|Dog Care

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