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Dealing with travel anxiety in dogs

Dogs are surely great travel partners however sometimes your furry companion can suffer from travel anxiety issues. Both humans can dogs love to explore new places but traveling brings in many changes in your dog’s daily routine which can add to his frustration which somehow result in travel-induced anxiety. Travel stress can turn your dog’s otherwise calm behavior into frazzled. Dogs showcase their travel anxiety through their behavior so the dog owner should constantly keep a watch on their furry companion behavior.

When stress triggers your dog then he can become overly anxious & it can ruin your whole trip. Ensuring that your furry companion is comfortable should be your first priority as his pack leader. Before hitting to a new destination with your furry companion, you need to make ample efforts to minimize your dog’s anxiety so that he can have a rewarding experience.

We’ve rounded up a few ways which you can minimize your dog’s travel anxiety:

Follow regular schedule

The first thing that you need to make sure is to keep your furry companion’s schedule constant even if you are on different destination. Dogs love to follow a regular schedule so you need to ensure that you feed him, stroll him at the same time as you do at home.

Bring his favorite toys

The next thing that can help you in keeping away his travel anxieties is by bringing his favorite toys. You must be wondering why do dogs need toys? Well, toys can help a dog to ease his anxiety and it will help in finding a recognizable smell amidst new location.

Carry a few dog calming products

Another way with which you can ease out your dog’s travel anxiety is by using dog calming products. Many studies have proved that lavender can help in keeping your dog calm and composed. Also, make sure not to apply lavender directly on your furry companion fur/skin, you need to infuse lavender in cotton balls to calm your dog’s anxiety.

Carry essential travel accessories

The next important thing is carrying all the essential travel accessories while traveling with your furry companion. To minimize your dog’s anxiety, you need to carry dog headphones, comfy blanket along with food, water so that your furry companion can relax during the traveling period.

Associate traveling with good memories

Another amazing way to minimize your dog’s travel anxiety is by associating traveling with good memories. Try to change your dog’s perception by taking him to good places like dog park, beaches before traveling to any faraway places as it will help in dealing with his travel-anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your furry companion is an amazing experience. You just need to ensure that your dog stays calm & composed during the whole trip. Travel anxieties are very common in dogs, and it can be cured easily by understanding your dog’s specific needs.

August 19, 2019|Dog Care

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