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Dealing With Ear Infection In Dogs

If you own a dog then an ear infection can be a common sight to you as it has become a common health issue in the life of dogs. Dog owners may become frustrated while dealing with them as they tend to reappear. This infection occurs due to the presence of bacteria and yeast in the ear of your four-legged friend. The factors that contribute to the building of bacteria are excessive wax, ear mites, foreign bodies etc. Due to the anatomy of dog’s ear, moisture can easily get retained in the ear canal of your furry companion.

Let’s find out what are the causes and symptoms, and also how you can prevent this infection from appearing as prevention is better than cure. A minor negligence can often lead to severe health complications.


The primary cause of ear infection is an attack of bacteria but there several other agents that cause this infection and these are allergies, yeast, and hormonal imbalances. The presence of a foreign object can also be the reason behind the infection. If ear canal becomes moist while bathing or swimming then the moisture leads to the building of bacteria and causes inflammation. Dogs that are prone to allergies from different food product and pollens are generally prone to ear infections. Dogs who develop excessive wax or have excessive hair in their ear are generally disposed to develop infections.


The symptoms that will indicate if your dog is having ear infection are

  • Frequently head shaking
  • Continuous scratching around the ear area
  • Redness
  • Ear Odor
  • Discharge from ear
  • Hair loss around ear

If your dog is showing any above-stated signs then it’s time give him a proper treatment.


The treatment depends upon the severity of the infection. In some cases cleaning up the ear and applying for helps but in severe cases, your dog may require oral medications like antibiotics or anti-yeast. Generally in order to treat your dog’s ear, first you need to cleanse it with a gentle cleanser as it will help in soothing the pain. Use a clean cotton ball and do not use Q-tip swabs as it may rupture his eardrum. Also, avoid using any solution which contains alcohol in it as it may result in inflammation.

You can also use other methods for removing debris from ears, oregano oil works as natural antibiotics. All you need to do is dilute it and put it in your dog’s ear. Coconut oil is also beneficial and it works as an anti-fungal solution. You can use it once in a week to avoid any kind of future ear infection.


As it is said “prevention is better than cure” so the dog owners need to take necessary steps in order to prevent the infection from occurring. So, the best way to prevent it would be cleaning it on a regular basis as the common agent behind the infection are bacteria so you need to ensure that there is no moisture in the ear canal as bacteria will build if it gets the favorable condition.

Ear infections also occur due to allergies so you need to monitor what is suitable for his body.

If your dog is prone to chronic ear infections then you need to consult a doctor in order to know the reason behind it as sometimes if your dog has a poor immune system then he may suffer from infections repeatedly.

Ear infections are very painful and stressful for a dog so take necessary steps in order to make your furry companion’s life less stressful.

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