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Dealing with dog’s aggression

Aggression in the dogs is the most common and problematic behavioral issue. It results due to lack of adequate mental and physical stimulation. When the dog has a surplus amount of energy in his body and he doesn’t get any outlet to channelize that energy then he becomes aggressive.

Signs of aggression

  • Growling
  • Bite that causes a bruise
  • Becoming rigid
  • Snarling
  • Threatening barks

If your dog shows any of these signs then you must take potential steps to deal with it as if not treated, it may result in a major behavioral problem. So, it is essential to take a professional help in order to manage your dog’s aggression.

The next thing that you need to understand is the causes of dog’s aggression
Causes of aggression

  • Not enough socialized as a puppy with other dogs or humans
  • A traumatic experience in the past
  • Painful medical condition
  • Protecting territory
  • Punishment by the dog owner
  • Fear
  • Possessive over certain things

There are certainly other factors like heredity and genetics that contribute to developing behavioral issues in dogs. Breeds like Doberman, rottweillers tends to be more aggressive than golden retriever and Labrador. Social environment also influences the behavior of dogs. So, it is necessary for a dog owner to understand the cause of his aggressive behavior then he will be able to rectify it.

Dealing with dog aggression

If your dog is showing aggressive behavior then you need to train him well. Training helps in filtering the behavior of the dog and helps in making him more socially acceptable. Always consider taking a professional help while dealing with an aggressive dog. You need to make him practice desensitization exercises, it will help him to be more comfortable with new surroundings.

Preventing dog aggression

The most important thing that a dog owner needs to understand that behavioral training at an early stage can help in avoiding any kind of aggressive behavior. The dog needs to socialize with the other dogs as it will help in preventing aggressive tendencies. The next thing that a dog owner needs to ensure is that nobody is mistreating him. Sometimes, The dogs can become aggressive if he has been treated poorly.

The dog owner needs to keep his dog under control and avoid any kind of situation that can potentially make his dog aggressive. Always consider taking a professional help if your dog is showing any kind of aggression.  In order to fix this issue, obedience training and socialization must be taken into consideration.

March 6, 2018|Dog Training

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