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Dealing with dog odor

Most people dislike the pungent and unpleasant odor of the dog. For a dog owner, it can be an embarrassing situation to socialize his furry companion with people when he smells awful. It is hard to spend time with a dog who has an unpleasant smell. It is the responsibility of a dog owner to keep his four-legged friend clean and fresh. The dog odor is also an indicator of poor health and hygiene of your furry companion. Some common reasons behind your dog’s stinking odor are bad breath, poor diet & nutrition, infections, flatulence etc. It is not possible to give a bath to your dog on a daily basis so the dog owners need to use other various ways to eliminate the stinking odor from their furry companion.

Let’s consider all the various ways to make your four-legged friend smells good.

Use dog wipes

The dog owner can make use of dog wipes to make his furry companion smell fresh. It will help in cleaning all the dirt from his skin and paws. If you don’t have dog wipes then you can also make use of baby wipes as both of them can effectively remove all the odor. Wet wipes are very handy to carry, and all the dog owner should consider to carrying it with them all the time.

Take care of his oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is the major reason behind the bad breath. The dog owner should consider brushing his furry companion’s teeth regularly. It will help in keeping his teeth healthy and odor free. Brushing his teeth regularly will also help in eliminating plague buildup in his mouth.

Balanced diet

A well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in keeping your furry companion healthy and odor free. Poor diet can also result in arising digestive issues so the dog owner should ensure that his dog is eating well-nutritious food. Adding more fruits and vegetables to his diet can help in eliminating bad odor from his mouth.

Keep his ears clean and infection free

Ear infections can result in giving off a pungent odor. The dog owner should keep his dog’s ear clean thoroughly. The signs of ear infection are a swollen ear, discharge coming out, and irritability. The dog owner should clean his furry ear using mineral oil and cotton balls. Wiping the ear wax can help in eliminating the odor of dirty ears.

Regular exercise

Flatulence is one of the major reason behind your dog’s awful odor. Exercising him regularly can help in reducing the flatulence. The dog owner should consider exercising his furry companion on a regular basis.

Wash his bedding & toys on a regular basis

If your pooch smells bad then probably all his stuff also smell like him so it is essential to wash his toys and bedding on a regular basis to eliminate the unwanted pungent odor.

So, these are a few things that every dog owner should consider to make his furry companion smell fresh all day.

July 25, 2018|Dog Care

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