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Dealing With Digestive Problem In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from the sensitive stomach. The significant increase in the number of food intolerance in dogs may result in making digestive system disarray. Randomly picking up things, stress or eating too much can also cause a digestive problem. The cause of the digestive problem may vary but the symptoms are quite similar and dog-owners can spot them easily.

Symptoms of digestive problem

  • Upset stomach:

The best way to find out if your dog has any kind of digestive problem is by examining his stool. A healthy dog should not feel any difficulty in pooping and it should not be too hard. A dog with the digestive problem will feel difficulty in passing them and it will also smell bad.

  • Vomiting:

When the digestive system gets upset, it detects that something bad has been eaten by the dog so it rushes to eject it. So, the food comes out through vomiting.

  • Loose motion:

The most common symptom that occurs in loose motion. Loose motion implies that the dog may have a stool that is soft or raving squits.

  • Bloating:

Bloating in dogs can be a sign of improper digestion. When dog’s digestive system is in a poor state then it may find difficulty in digesting the food so his stomach appears bloated.

  • Loss of appetite:

If your dog loses his appetite then it is a sign of a digestive problem.

  • Abdominal pain:

If your dog feels pain in abdomen then it is a sign of poor digestive system. Your dog may feel cramps in the abdominal area.

Causes of digestive problems

  • Feeding improper diet:

An improper diet is the main cause of the digestive problem. Just like humans, dogs can get major health issue if they are fed cheap food. High-quality foods are made of good quality ingredient so the dog-owners much consider feeding only high-quality food. Cheap food can cause sensitivity in his stomach which results in a digestive problem.

  • Feeding too much:

Feeding too much food can also result in making dog’s digestive system upset. So you need to control the portions of food and feed only that much that is required by his body to function properly

  • Feeding table scraps:

Many foods that we humans eat are not suitable for a dog. So if you feed your dog table scraps then it may result in making their digestive system upset. Moreover, it also encourages your dog’s begging behavior so you should avoid feeding table scraps to your furry companion.

  • Contaminated food:

You should not feed contaminated pet food to your dog as the food gets contaminated by bacteria that build on it. So, it can cause a severe digestive problem so be careful before feeding anything to your furry companion.


As digestive problems can cause discomfort to your dog so you need to take some necessary measures to deal with it in order to make your furry free of this issue.

  • Make him drink clean & fresh water as fresh water will help in detoxifying the system.
  • If your dog’s digestive system is not in a sound condition then avoid feeding him for hours until he eliminates.
  • Sometimes dogs are allergic to some kind of food product and then it leads to a digestive problem so if something is not suiting his body then avoid giving it to him.
  • Sometimes when dog’s stomach gets upset then he instinctively tries to eat some grass as it soothes down his system. So, feed your dog some fresh grass.
  • Pumpkin also helps in calming dog’s digestive system.

If the dietary changes doesn’t help in curing your dog’s digestive problem and the problem persists for a long period of time then you should visit a veterinarian. So, take care of your furry companion’s health and feed him only high quality nutritious food.

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