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Dealing with depression in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also get succumbed to depression. Generally, dogs suffer from depression when they go through any devastating event such as the loss of their pack leader or moving to a new place. Dogs can feel the bout of depression just the way humans do because they are capable of feeling an array of emotions. If not treated right on time then bouts of depression can distort his mental and physical health.

Signs of depression in dogs

The dog owner needs to monitor his furry companion’s behavior as when depression hits a dog then he tends to behave strangely. Change in behavior works as an indicator that something is bothering your furry companion.

The signs that your dog will display on suffering from depression is:

  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dog aggression
  • Display no interest in doing any activity
  • Staying isolated from everyone
  • Excessive Licking

A dog will probably display these signs when he hits by the bout of depression. The dog owner should never ignore if he finds any significant change in his furry companion’s behavior.

Causes of depression in dogs

As discussed earlier, dogs suffer from depression when any life-changing thing happened to them such as:

  • Loss of near or dear ones
  • Moving to a new place
  • Traumatic incident
  • Underlying medical issue

Curing depression in dogs

It is the pack leader’s responsibility to ensure that his furry companion is healthy and happy. One needs to make possible efforts to make sure that his four-legged friend can easily overcome his depression.

Let’s consider the various ways in which you can help your depressed dog:

  • Spend more time with your furry companion
  • Encourage his positive behavior by rewarding him
  • Engage your dog in doing special fun activities
  • Prepare yummy treats for him so that he can’t resist eating
  • Take him on frequent visits to the dog park where he can socialize with other dogs
  • Never comfort your depressed dog when he is displaying an undesirable behavior

To sum this up, we can say that the dog owner can effectively bring his furry companion back to normal by taking good care and pouring affection on him.

August 11, 2018|Dog Care

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