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Dealing with a shedding dog

Shedding is a natural process for dogs as it helps them in getting rid of damaged hair. Generally, dogs shed their summer coast so that a thick coat of fur can come to protect them from bitter winter. Shedding is common in dogs and nearly all dogs shed to some extent. The life cycle of shedding may vary according to the dog’s breed, age, hormone, and overall well-being. Genetics also plays a crucial role in deciding the shedding cycle of your furry companion. Golden retriever and Siberian husky are the two dog breeds which shed the most amount of hair all year round whereas there are some dog breeds who shed occasionally like a poodle.

There is no way to stop a healthy dog from shedding but if your dog is shedding excessively then you need to get control over it. In the case of excessive shedding, the factors that play a big role in excessive shedding are climate, health, stress, underlying medical issue, etc. Keeping your furry companion well-groomed is of supreme importance as then you can avoid your furniture, carpets, and clothes been covered with his shedding hair.

Here’re a few tips to cope with your dog’s shedding hair:

Feed with healthy & well-balanced diet

Sometimes, excessive shedding can happen due to lack of nutrition in your pooch’s diet. Consider giving high-quality food to your furry companion as it can easily get digested whereas low-quality food is just fillers which do not provide any nutrition & are also difficult to digest. Feeding proper nutrition can help in eliminating shedding issues.

Add moisture in your pooch’s diet

Excessive shedding could also be a result of feeding dry food to your furry companion. Lack of moisture in the diet makes his fur weak which is why it results in excessive shedding. To deal with your dog’s shedding, consider increasing his moisture intake. You can feed him raw fruits and vegetables like watermelon, carrot, etc. as it will help in improving his fur’s health and will eventually reduce shedding.

Proper grooming

Skipping grooming sessions during the shedding period is a big no. Regular brushing and bathing help in removing loose and damaged fur. Also, don’t forget to give regular bath to your furry companion as it will help in reducing hair shedding in dogs.

Check for fleas

The next thing that you need to consider doing is checking for fleas. When a dog gets infected with fleas & mites then it results in excessive shedding. If you notice your dog scratching or licking along with excessive shedding that you should check for fleas.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with shedding in dogs completely depends on whether it is due to natural shedding cycle or due to any underlying health problem. If it is natural shedding then all you can do is bathe or groom him regularly whereas if he is suffering from excessive shedding then you need to consult a veterinarian.

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