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Dealing with a Jealous Dog

Does your dog always want to be the center of your attention? Well, chances are that you might just have a jealous dog. Many studies have proven that dogs get jealous the same way humans do. Dogs are pack animals & they love having close social relationships & any threat to those social relationships can result in jealousy. If your dog tends to get overly jealous then it is essential to give him proper training sessions so that he can become less reactive in certain situations. The intensity of jealousy differs in every dog as some display excessive jealous behavior when they have to share their favorite food, toy, or person. Dog owners may feel great to know that their pooch loves them enough to feel jealous but encouraging this behavior can make your dog display unacceptable behavior in the long run.

Dog owners should always aim at taking the necessary steps to help their dog feel less jealous. Owning a jealous dog can be a real pain as your dog would want to be the center of attention the whole time which can really annoy you & others around you. On the other hand, you are the pack owner so he totally depends upon you to meet his physical & emotional needs so you need to help your dog feel less jealous as it can harm his overall health.

Here’re a few signs that your dog may exhibit on having traits of jealousy in him:

If you suspect that your dog is jealous but aren’t sure about it then you should look out for the common signs that every jealous dog exhibits.


One of the most common signs that every jealous dog displays are aggression. If your dog starts biting & nibbling whenever anybody comes closer to you then he shows that your dog is jealous & he doesn’t anyone to engage with you.

Pushy behavior

Another common sign that every jealous dog shows is pushy behavior. If your dog tries to force himself in the middle and demands undivided attention from you whenever you try to sit with someone else then it indicates that your dog is jealous.

Start paying extra attention

No one would mind getting extra attention from the dog but it also indicates that your dog is showing jealous behavior. Many jealous dogs tend to pay extra attention to their owners in various social settings just to get more attention from them.

Eliminating indoors

Sometimes dogs can also exhibit jealous behavior by eliminating indoors. If your dog is well-trained to eliminate outside but still he does it indoors then he is trying to convey that he is upset with you.

Leave the room

Jealousy is a form of insecurity so when dogs feel jealous then they tend to exhibit it by leaving the room. If your dog leaves the room abruptly then he is probably mad with you for not giving him your undivided attention.

Causes of Jealousy in Dog

Every dog wants his share of love, attention, care & food but when the dog starts exhibiting jealous behavior then you need to look out the changes that have taken place in his home life.

Here’re a few causes of jealousy in dogs:

  • New schedule
  • Arrival of a new baby
  • New pet in the household

How to help a jealous dog?

Managing jealousy in dogs is highly crucial otherwise it can make your dog overly aggressive & dis-obedient. If your dog is jealous of your new baby then to ensure his security, it becomes essential to rectify your dog’s jealous behavior. As we all know that things escalate rapidly with dogs so before your dog hurts someone, you need to help your dog stop it.

We’ve rounded up a few tips & tricks that will help in stopping jealous behavior in your dog:

Regular  training

Traning is a great way to get rid of jealousy emotion in dogs. To cure jealousy, you need to conduct proper training sessions as it will help in rectifying his behavior. Consider providing him proper obedience training as that way you can teach him what behavior counts as acceptable & what doesn’t.

Share love equally

People with multiple pets in the household need to ensure that each pet is loved equally. Your pets shouldn’t feel like they have to compete with each other to get your attention otherwise it can become a breeding ground of jealousy among them.

Ignore unwanted behavior

The dog owners should never react when their dog is exhibiting jealous behavior. When you are sitting with your dog & he tries to paw you probably to get your attention then you need to avoid giving them attention as it will only end up encouraging this behavior in him.

Reward only good behavior

To prevent your dog from displaying unacceptable behavior, make sure to give him treats & praises only when he’s calm & composed. This will help him to understand that he will only receive his treats or praise on displaying good behavior.

Socialize your dog

When it comes to curbing jealousy in dogs, you should always ensure that your dog is properly socialized. If the cause of the jealousy is a new dog then you should consider socializing your dog with other pets so that they can get used to the idea of other dogs around.

So, these are a few tips that you need to consider to manage your dog’s jealousy. Dogs love to give & receive love, and if they think that you aren’t treating him right then it results in making him jealous.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that jealousy in dogs can result in causing major behavioral issues in dogs so always make sure to train your dog to fix his jealousy once and for all.

August 1, 2020|Dog Care

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