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Common Issues in Senior Dog

When a dog reaches his golden age, his body undergoes some changes in his behavior and health. A senior dog tends to fall ill frequently as their ability to fight-off diseases decline with growing age. The dog owner needs to monitor his furry companion and looks out for any deviation in its normal habit. Physical and behavioral changes in aging dogs are common but any abnormal behavior might be an indication of his declining health so, the dog owner needs to be aware of certain common illnesses that are associated with senior dogs.

Let find out what are the common health issue that a senior dog can have:

Kidney disease

Senior dogs are generally prone to the risk of kidney disease. Kidney removes all the toxins from the body and when it fails to perform its work, it results in kidney disease. It is generally a slow process and can be curable if it gets detected at an early stage. This problem can be detected by performing a blood test so, the dog owner needs to pay regular visits to the veterinarian. The symptoms of the kidney disease are increased thirst, loss of appetite and, lethargy etc.


With growing age the risk of arthritis increases. When the cartilage present between the joints gets damaged then it can result in inflammation of joints. The problem of arthritis can lead to pain in joints, swelling, and stiffness. The dog can become aggressive due to the pain.

Dental problem

Senior dogs tend to develop dental problems like plaque, gingivitis and tartar buildup etc. it is essential to follow a proper dental regime in order to avoid bacteria buildup in their mouth which results in various dental problems. Symptoms of the dental problem are bleeding and swollen gums. Gums problems can also harm your furry companion’s vital organs.


Diabetes is caused due to insufficient secretion of a hormone called insulin. Female dogs are more prone to this disease So, it is essential to consider a regular health checkup to monitor the blood sugar level of your furry companion. The various symptoms of diabetes are weight loss, fatigue, slow-healing wounds and, increases urination.


With growing age, your furry companion can have deteriorating eyesight. The dog owner can consider teaching him to rely on the other senses like smelling and hearing. It will help your dog to manage properly with fading eyesight. By following a proper eye care routine, you can avoid occurring of such issues. The signs of vision loss include red eyes and dilated pupils.

So, these were a few common health issues that can affect your senior dog. The dog owner needs to take his furry companion to a veterinarian after every few months.

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