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Common health problems in dogs

Your furry companion can fall sick due to various reasons as health-related issues are a part of life. It is essential for a dog-owner to understand and monitor any signs of illness that his dog is showing. The dog owner needs to be aware of the common problems that his four-legged friend can suffer from as then it will help to discover the issue before it worsens the health of your dog.

Let’s find out the most common health issues that can affect your dog:


Diarrhea is the most common health issue that every dog suffer in his lifetime. Diarrhea or frequent bowel movements can be caused by a change in diet or infection. If not treated then it can lead to dehydration or other severe issues. The dog owner should always consult a veterinarian before bringing change in the diet of their furry companion.

Skin issues

Skin problem in dogs occurs due to various reasons like fleas, food allergies, environmental allergies etc. So, in order to provide effective treatment of skin problems, you must monitor typical signs like inflamed skin, flaky skin etc. Nutrition also plays a vital role in preventing any kind of skin problem so, always make sure to feed high-quality food to your furry companion.

dental problem

There is a major misconception in people’s mind that dogs don’t require dental care. The dog owner needs to provide a proper dental care to their dog in order to avoid various dental problems like plaque buildup, toothache and other severe issues like periodontal diseases etc. So, in order to avoid this problem, the dog owners must follow a regular dental care regime for their dogs.


Poisoning or toxicity can occur due to various reasons like ingest of food and medication that is not meant for dogs. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep any toxic substance out of the reach of his dog. The dog owner needs to be aware of all the eatable things that can cause toxicity in dogs.

Ear infection

Ear infection in dogs occur due to the presence of bacteria in their ear and the various reasons that are potentially responsible for the building of bacteria are excessive ear wax, the presence of the foreign body, pollen and, ear mites. The dog owner needs to do proper care of his dog’s ear as a minor negligence can lead to a severe health complication.


Obesity is the most common and fastest growing health issue in dogs and the root cause of this problem is over-feeding. Obesity can lead to severe health problems like lethargy, breathing problem and, high blood pressure etc. So, the dog owner needs to feed him the proportionate amount of food and must monitor his weight regularly.

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