Common Dog Training Mistakes

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Common Dog Training Mistakes

Training is most important part of your furry companion’s life. It helps in teaching him basic manners and obedience. Dogs have a natural instinct in them due to which they bite and chew unnecessary so by training them you can filter their behavior but new dog owners tend to make mistakes while training their dog due to which their four-legged friend couldn’t be able to train well.

So, let’s discuss all the common dog training mistakes that a new dog owner generally does:

Too long training sessions

The dog owner needs to consider small training session as training for too long can bore your dog and then he will be no longer interested in gaining more knowledge. The sessions should be short and interactive as then your dog would enjoy learning new tricks, it would be much easier for him to retain all the what he has learned. The dog owner needs to understand that he can’t make his dog learn about everything within a day so always make sure that your dog is enjoying the session and if you notice that he no longer respond enthusiastically then it’s time to end the session.

Relying on treats

Treats act a motivation in dogs while learning a new behavior but relying too much on treats can result in interfering with the actual performance. in the initial stage, you can reward him with treats but once he learned that behavior then you need to switch to other rewards. Most studies have claimed that expected rewards can result in slow performance so, in order to sharpen his behavior, you need to stop relying on treats


Another reason that your furry friend has not learned all the skills that you have taught him is due to inconsistency. Consistency in the most important factor that helps in training a dog efficiency. You need to make your furry friend understand what he is asked to do and he will not understand it overnight, you need to be consistent while training him. Teaching him the same thing, again and again, will help him in learning that behavior efficiently.

Repeating commands

The most common mistake that the new dog owners tend to dog is repeating commands over and over again until their dog do it but it is not a correct way as stalled can become a learned behavior. For instance, if you command your dog to sit and he doesn’t act upon it for the first time, you need to understand that there can be two possibilities of this behavior- one that you haven’t trained him efficiently and second that he got distracted by the things happening in the surrounding so, all you need to do is take him to another place and repeat the command, if he acts upon it then it is good and if not then it’s time to retrain him.

Bring a new furry member to your home can be a blissful situation and that excitement can lead you to make these common dog training mistakes so, all you need to do is keep in mind these things while training your dog. Efficient training is essential to improve the behavior skills of your furry companion.


February 22, 2018|Dog Training

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