Common Dog Exercise Mistakes

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Common Dog Exercise Mistakes

No matter how young or old your furry companion is, it is essential to provide him ample exercise. Regular exercise plays a crucial role in keeping your dog healthy and happy. It helps in channelizing his surplus energy, and also helps in keeping his boredom away, however, it is essential for a dog owner to understand that it should be done in a right way. Most dog owners fail to incorporate well-rounded exercise session for their furry companion which eventually ends up harming their furry companion’s health.

Let’s consider some mistakes that dog owners commit while exercising their furry companion:

Do not provide enough exercise

Most dog owners do not provide enough exercise sessions to their furry companion. Every dog has a different energy level so the dog owner should consider that while doing any physical activity with them. Due to lack of exercise, obesity has become a major issue among dogs and they can also develop OCD like tail chasing which make everyone wonder why do dogs chase their tail. It is the pack leader’s responsibility to regulate his dog’s weight by exercising him regularly.

Do not provide mental stimulation

Sometimes, dog owners only care about providing physical stimulation to their furry companion, they don’t realize that mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation is. Mentally stimulating games for dogs can easily boost up your dog’s memory and mental ability. Keeping his mind healthy and active is very important to make him learn any new skill.

Do not consider the environment

The next mistake that most dog owners commit while exercising their dogs is that they do not consider the environment. The dog owner should avoid exercising his furry companion when it’s too hot or too cold outside otherwise it can harm his health. The dog owner should consider taking him outside to exercise only when the weather is favorable for him.

The dog owners remain distracted

The next mistake that most dog owners commit is that they remain distracted. The dog owner should pay all his attention to his furry companion while doing any physical activity with him. It will also help in strengthening your bond with him. The dog owners should avoid using their smartphones while exercising their furry companion.

So, these are a few mistakes that most dog owners do while exercising their dogs. Different breeds of dogs require a different amount of exercise, the dog owner needs to tailor the exercise sessions according to his furry companion’s energy level, breed, and age. Over-exercise can result in exhausting your dog so the dog owner must provide him ample exercise keeping all the stated factors in mind.

July 28, 2018|Dog Training

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