Common Compulsive Behavior in Dogs

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Common Compulsive Behavior in Dogs

Compulsive behavior is a mental disorder which includes repetitive urge to behave in a certain manner. If a dog is displaying compulsive behavior irresistibly and repetitively then it can have an adverse impact on his normal functioning of the body. The purposeless compulsive behavior of a dog needs to be rectified by his owner, otherwise, it can result in severe consequences such as loss of weight, injuries, exhaustion etc. Some breeds of dog are genetically predisposed to compulsive behavior. The dog owner should detect all the early signs of OCD in dogs and must take essential steps to control the underlying issue. The dog owner should take proper measures on noticing any weird or abnormal behavior of his furry companion.

Let’s find out some of the common compulsive behavior in dogs:

  • Tail-chasing

One of the most common compulsive behaviors in dogs is tail-chasing. Tail-chasing is also termed as whirling. Some dogs often display intense spinning which can result in injuries. People often wonder why do dogs chase their tail, and there can be multiple reasons behind this behavior such as boredom, injury etc. In the initial stage, this may seem like a playful behavior but if not corrected early then it can become a compulsive behavior.

  • Toy-fixation

Another common compulsive behavior in dogs is toy-fixation. Some dogs are obsessed with toys, and they tend to pounce on it repetitively. The dog owner must take some measures in order to avoid his furry companion from doing it otherwise it will result in becoming a compulsive behavior in your furry companion.

  • Shadow or light chasing

The next common compulsive behavior seen in dogs is light or shadow chasing. Dogs affected with this compulsive behavior would probably chase the light or shadow. The dog owner should avoid using a flashlight while playing with his furry companion.

  • Pica

Another compulsive behavior seen in dogs is pica. Though all these compulsive behaviors are dangerous, however, pica can be life-threatening for your dog. Pica induces your furry companion to ingest various inappropriate objects such as stones, twigs, paper, and leather etc. which can result in bowel obstruction. The dog owners need to take potential steps to put a halt on his furry companion’s OCD.

  • Fly snapping

Another common compulsive behavior in dogs is fly snapping. Some dogs repetitively snap in the air in order to catch a flying insect. This behavior is triggered when a dog notices a flying insect, the dog can continue this behavior even when the fly isn’t present there.

To put a halt to your dog’s OCD, firstly the dog owner needs to check for an underlying medical issue that is affecting your dog’s behavior. A dog having medical condition must be treated properly otherwise it can adversely affect his mental and physical health. The dog owner needs to identify the situations which may trigger his furry companion’s behavior. On identifying them, the dog owner should avoid creating any such situation which results in increasing his dog’s stress level.

June 20, 2018|Dog Care

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