For a dog-owner choosing, the best collar for their dog is a very significant task. As it is their responsibility to keep their dog safe and secure. A right collar can ensure to keep your furry safe. The most important thing which a dog owner needs to consider while buying is the size of your pup as an ill-fitted collar can be dangerous for him. Moreover, the dog owner should consider the kind of fur his dog has. Some dogs have a thick layer of fur while some don’t have much hair on their body so, before buying a collar for the dog, the owner needs to ensure that his dog undergoes a proper haircut.

While choosing a suitable collar for your dog, you need to consider certain factors

  • Size and age of your dog
  • The purpose you need that collar to serve

Let’s find out various types of collars available in the market:

Traditional collar:

Traditional collars are available in a wide variety. You need to make sure that it should not be too loose as it can slide down from your dog’s neck, and it should not be too tight as then it may suffocate him. Traditional collars generally ride high on their neck so measure your dog’s neck before buying a traditional collar for him.

Slip collar:

This collar is generally made up of the dogs who get distracted easily by the things happening in the surrounding. While taking him on a walk if he tries to run after other things then you can correct him by using this training tool.


This kind of collar is considered the best for the smaller breeds as they tend to have a breathing problem so it is advisable to use a harness collar while taking them outside.

Head halter:

This kind of collar is quite similar to horse’s halter and it is generally used to control the dog’s head while walking but make sure that you should never use a long leash with the head halter collar as it may lead to severe injuries.

Flat-buckle collar:

This type of collar is most suitable for a well-behaved dog who walks nicely when taken outside as it is a plain collar with buckle lock which is generally used by many dog owners to keep identification on the dogs.

Martingale collar:

This type of collar generally has 2 loops, one is bigger and one is smaller. The larger loop is generally used to fit a dog’s neck. It is also considered as an alternative to the traditional collar.

After deciding the style of the collar that your dog would wear, you need to personalize his collar by engraving all the important details of your dog on it. As life is full of uncertainties so, to avoid any unwanted situation, it is essential to make your four-legged friend wear a collar tag.

July 10, 2018|Dog Care

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