• care for a senior dog


As a dog age, the requirements in terms of nutrition, exercise etc. begin to change. Seniority varies according to the breeds of dog as the larger breeds tend to age early than small breeds. Generally, a dog is considered senior when he is around 6 to 12 years old, during this period the dog owner needs to pay more attention to him as the dog may become more sensitive and if not taken care of his needs then he may get prone to severe health issues.

So here is the guide to caring your aged four-legged companions:

Sensitive to extreme temperature

Many dog-owners tend to rule out this thing that when a dog ages, he begins to become more sensitive to change in temperature so you need to take care of that as during senior hood they are not able to thermoregulate their body. The dog owner should avoid taking them out in harsh cold weather condition and same goes for an extremely hot day, as it can affect a dog’s health.

Feed your dog enough calories:

As it is said that ‘you are, what you eat’ and this is also applicable to your canine friend so it is essential to make sure that your furry is having enough calories to function his body. Excess of calories may result in making him obese which is a major health issue in today’s lifestyle. The calorie requirement decreases when a dog enters his last phase of life so you need to take care of it.

Reasonable physical activity:

Regular exercise is mandatory to maintain ideal body weight but doesn’t involve your senior dog in any aggressive exercise as he may not be as active as he used to be when he was younger. You need to consider exercise like walking etc. It will help him to burn out the excess calories from the body and will remain healthy. Some dogs tend to become a couch potato so some physical activity is necessary. Also, consider doing mild exercises only which will not make your dog fatigue.

Regular visits to veterinarian:

Doctors recommend that the dog owner needs to consider proper examine of the senior dog after every 6 months. This will help to ensure that the dog has no health abnormalities. Dogs are prone to many diseases during this age so a regular visit to a doctor will help in preventing any possible disease.

Regular grooming

It is not wise to think that grooming is not necessary when a dog hits his seniorhood. Grooming is necessary for them as it promotes healthy skin. Keeping them neat and tidy will also help in keeping them healthy.

Dental care:

The dog owner needs to take care of his dog’s teeth as poor oral hygiene may lead to many severe health problems. If you don’t take care of his teeth then it may lead to tartar build up on his teeth which can cause gingivitis which can eventually harm your dog’s vital organs.

So these are few things that one needs to take care of when your dog enters into his last phase of life, he needs more love and care during this period. So, Follow these guidelines religiously and make him lead a healthy and long life.

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