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Canned Food Vs. Dry Food

Good nutritious food is essential for keeping your dog healthy. The dog owner always strives to feed their dog the best food which ensures proper functioning of their body. It’s an overwhelming situation for dog owners when they need to decide which form of food would be best suitable for his dog. You need to take into consideration various factors like your furry companion’s age, health and, behavioral needs etc.

Kibble or dry food

Dry food is baked hard brown chunks. It can beat the canned food in terms of its affordability and, it is much convenient to store and measure them.

Let’s consider various pros of dry food:

  • Economical: As mentioned earlier, dry foods are available at very economical prices whereas canned foods are expensive so, if you want budget-friendly diet then you should consider feeding nutritious kibble to your furry companion.
  • Dental health: Dry food promotes the good dental health of your furry companion. Dry foods are formulated in such a way that it helps in reducing tartar buildup and plaque.
  • Storage: Dry foods are easier to store and you can purchase it in the bulk from the supermarkets. If you want to travel somewhere with your furry companion then all you need to do is carry dry food in a container and you are good to go.
  • Firm stools: Feeding good quality dry food ensure firm stools for your furry companion.

Canned food

Canned food has a high moisture content in it and, is best suitable for the breeds of dogs that are bloat-prone as it doesn’t swell after going into the stomach.

Let’s consider various pros of canned food:

  • High water content: Canned foods are rich in water content and the dogs who tend to get dehydrated easily should have canned food.
  • Suitable for dogs having dental issues: Canned food is suitable for the dogs having dental problems as dogs with such issues can’t able to chew dry foods properly so, canned food is beneficial for them.
  • Rich with flavors and scent: Canned food is rich with flavors and scent which can help in improving the appetite of those dogs who doesn’t take much interest in eating.

Rich in proteins: Canned food is very rich in protein so if you want to feed your dog food with high nutritious value then you must consider feeding him canned food

No matter what form of food you choose to feed your furry friend but make sure that you provide him well-balanced food which contains all the necessary nutrients that your dog’s body would require for proper functioning. The dog owner needs to choose the food which suits your dog’s lifestyle and needs. You can also consider giving both kibble and canned food to your dog but ensure to feed him in adequate proportions. You can also take suggestions from your veterinarian.

March 10, 2018|Dog Nutrition

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