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Bone Treats: Do’s & Don’ts

Bones are dog’s absolute favorites and every dog owner should include a bone treat in his furry companion’s meal as bones are filled with high nutrients in the right amount which helps in keeping the dog’s health in an ideal state. Before domestication, dogs used to feed on animal bones for survival, however, now after domestication, dogs have become omnivorous, and they feed on both animal flesh, bones as well as vegan food. Raw animal bones are good for your furry companion’s health and it also helps in satiating his desire to chew.

Before giving bone treats to your dog, you need to ensure that bones are safe & healthy otherwise it can cause some severe health issues for your furry companion. Raw bones provide calcium, phosphorus & minerals which are essential nutrients for your dog’s overall growth. It also helps in avoiding oral problems in dogs such as cavities, broken teeth, etc. Sometimes, dogs tend to hide their treats which make their owners wonder why do dogs hide their treat. Well, mostly they do it just to save their treat to munch later.

Here’re a few Do’s & Don’t that every dog owner should consider before giving a bone treat to his furry companion:

Dos of bone treat

  • The first thing that a dog owner needs to consider is that the bone is fresh and raw. Fresh & raw bones are filled with healthy nutrients. Raw chicken wings or lamb ribs are a delicious treat option for them.
  • Choose only high-quality raw bones for your pooch. Never ever compromise with the quality and try to buy raw bones from your local butcher as then you will able to ensure its freshness.
  • The next thing that one needs to ensure that the bones are large enough so that the dog doesn’t swallow it whole.
  • The dog owners should always supervise their furry companion when they feed them raw bones. It is essential from the safety point of view & if your dog is highly aggressive then you should avoid giving him raw bones.

Don’ts of bone treat

  • Never ever give your furry companion cooked bones. Bones tend to splinter into sharp pieces on cooking which further can result in severe health problems. Cooking bones also extract all its nutrients which is why dog owners should avoid feeding raw bones to his dog.
  • Don’t feed bone treats to your furry companion frequently as it can cause constipation.
  • Avoid feeding fatty bones to your canine companions
  • Avoid feeding small-sized bones as there is a high risk of choking.
  • Don’t buy commercial-packed bone treat for your dog as it can result in gastrointestinal blockage or diarrhea in your dog.

Final Thoughts

The dog owners should introduce raw bone treats to his dog by first consulting to a veterinarian as then it becomes easier for you to understand what kind of treats would be good for his health. Bone-chewing is definitely beneficial for a dog’s health as it helps in strengthening dog’s dental health & also provide him essential nutrients but owners need to stay attentive while feeding bones to avoid the chances of choking.

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