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Bite Inhibition Training

The most important lesson that a dog needs to learn is biting inhibition as it is considered an important element of socialization. The degree of socialization depends upon the social experience that he had when he was young. Your dog will be able to socialize more if he has filter behavior. Bite inhibition is an important lesson of behavioral training. If your puppy grows up without learning this lesson then his aggressive behavior may not be accepted in the social setting due to which he won’t be able to socialize with people so, it is necessary for a dog owner to train bite inhibition by setting important rules & boundaries for the dog.

The very first thing that you need to teach your puppy is restraining the force of bites by making him understand that bites can hurt. You can teach this by asking your dog to back off and then instruct him to sit calmly if he doesn’t listen to your command then just leave the room for few minutes then it will make him understand that what he did was wrong and due to which his favorite human left the room. This technique will make him understand that if he bites then his master will not play with him.

If your dog has an instinct to bite or chew every article then give him a toy instead, it will help to calm his instinct of chewing or biting and he would learn that biting toys are acceptable but not human skin. With constant training, he would learn that he needs to use less pressure whenever he comes in a contact with human skin. When the puppy behaves in a well-mannered way then reward him, this will help him to learn his lesson easily.

Bite inhibition training of an adult dog is much more challenging than a puppy so it is recommended that such training sessions should be done when he is young. If you don’t train your dog then if he gets into a fight with other dogs then you have to compensate for any injury that he caused to others.

The dog owner needs to continue the exercises until his dog learns bite inhibition. The play-fighting game is beneficial to teach the dog how carefully he needs to use his jaws. It provides you ample opportunities to teach him to be extremely sensitive to pressure. You can teach your dog to adhere to the rules of the game otherwise the fun will stop.

Just have patience and train him well so that he can understand what kind of behaviour is acceptable.

January 20, 2018|Dog Training

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