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Best essential oil for dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also benefit from essential oils. Essential oils contain healing properties which woks wonder for your dog’s health. The essential oil comes from stem, flowers, and roots extracted from plants. It has aromatic properties which help in offering relaxation to your furry companion.

Even holistic veterinarians also advise dog owners to use essential oil if a dog is having any behavioral issues. Using essential oil helps the dog both physically & psychologically. Instead of using chemical-heavy products, you should always consider using essential oils. The dog owner needs to be cautious before using essential oil as not all oils are safe for dogs.

We’ve rounded up the best essential oils which are beneficial and safe for your furry companion:

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is one of the best essential oil which is beneficial to both humans & dogs. Lavender oil gives a calm and soothing sensation which helps in calming the brain. If your dog has anxiety issues then you can use lavender oil to calm him and curb his anxiety. By spreading the scent of lavender in the room, you can make your furry companion sleep calmly. Veterinarian suggests using this oil when a dog is having trouble with sleeping or has anxiety or any wounds. The dog owner should make sure not to apply the oil directly onto the skin, just take a cotton bud and damp it with oil then rub it all over your dog’s bedding.

Chamomile oil

Another beneficial essential oil is chamomile oil. This oil is very light and gentle which helps in calming down a stressed dog. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties so you can also give it to your pooch if he is having any skin related issues.

Cedarwood oil

The next essential oil which is highly beneficial for dogs is cedarwood oil. This oil has antiseptic properties and is also a good circulation stimulator so you can consider giving it to your arthritic dog. If your furry companion has some behavior issues then you can also consider giving this oil to your furry companion to soothe his mind.

Spearmint oil

The next oil which you can consider giving to your furry companion is spearmint oil. If your dog is overweight then this oil is the best option for you as it helps in reducing weight and helps in maintaining metabolism. This also works great for curing gastrointestinal issues in dogs.

Final Thoughts

Essential oil is highly beneficial for dogs as it helps in calming their mind & also helps in curing many issues. However, the dog owner should always consult his veterinarian first before giving any essential to his furry companion.

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