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Best dog breeds for apartment living

Most dog owners wonder whether their dog can happily accommodate in their apartment living. The dog owner should consider those breeds of dog which are suitable for tiny spacing. To offer a healthy and happy life to your furry companion, you need to bring only that breed of dog which can easily adapt to the environment of a city apartment. There are certain breeds of dogs which can do well in small spaces.

The key to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy in an apartment is providing him with ample mental and physical stimulation regularly to channelize his surplus energy.

Let’s consider some of the best dog breeds for apartment living:


Pugs are one of best dog breeds suitable for apartment living. Their compact size and good temperament make them a favorable choice among the dog owners. Generally, pugs have a very playful nature and they can easily get along with both adults and children.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire or Yorkie is one of the most adorable breeds of dogs suitable for apartment living. With proper training and appropriate socialization, they can become your lifelong buddies. Their exercise requirement is also not too much and one can easily exercise them indoors.

Shih Tzu

This breed of dog is considered a toy breed. They have a very calm and affectionate temperament which makes them apartment-friendly. They remain comfortable around both adults and children. When it comes to grooming, they require some extra efforts as they have a long lustrous coat of hair which requires high maintenance.


If you are looking for a dog which has a tiny stature then this breed of dog would be the best choice for you. Their tiny size and sweet nature make them a perfect apartment dog. Their exercise requirement is also minimal.


This breed of dogs is well known for their laziness and well-mannered behavior. His calm and courageous temperament makes him a popular choice of people.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Another best breed for apartment living is Cavalier King Charles spaniel. They are well known for their good behavior and affectionate nature. They love to spend most of the time cuddling with their owner. Their exercise needs are also moderate. They are categorized in the toy breed so the dog owner should groom him regularly.


This breed of dog is the tiniest hound dogs. They are short but very lively so the dog owner should provide him with proper mental and physical stimulation to keep him away from boredom. The dog owner should provide him proper house training.


Their compact size makes them a perfect apartment dog. They require moderate physical and mental stimulation to keep their health intact. They don’t require much grooming sessions. The dog owner ensures to provide them proper housetraining to avoid any noise complaints.

So, these are a few breeds of dog who can peacefully adapt the apartment life. No matter what breed of dog you choose but one should always ensure to provide him with proper mental and physical stimulation to keep his mind and body healthy.

August 8, 2018|Dog Care

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