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Best Dog Breeds for Aged People

Stepping into old age may not sound fun to many people, but it is an inevitable part of life that one can’t escape. However, you can still add some sparkle to your golden years by bringing home a furry companion. Sharing a home with a dog can be a rewarding experience for people of all ages.

Don’t let the age factor prevent you from becoming a pet parent. The senior hood comes with its own limitation, but the key to experiencing a good pet parenting experience is to choose a dog that is best suitable according to your abilities, likes, and lifestyle. Once you bring home a dog, it becomes your responsibility to take care of your pooch. Factors related to your health & lifestyle will affect your ability to take care of your pooch so, it becomes important for you to choose a dog breed that you can take care of without any hassle.

All dog breeds have different characteristics, energy level, temperament, etc. so the ideal dog breeds for aged people are the ones that can adapt well to the relaxed lifestyle. Finding the right furry companion is important to enjoy blissful companionship.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best suitable dog breeds for aged people:

pug for senior citizen#1. Pug

The first dog breed that will make an ideal companion for old people is a pug. Pugs are small breed dogs and are extremely adaptable to any environment. We all need extra love & affection in the senior hood, and you will definitely get lots of cuddles & affection by having a pug alongside. They are very clingy so you can expect them to follow you all the time like a shadow. They are literally couch potato so, if you are looking for a dog with a low energy level then pugs will be the ideal companion for you.

#2. Poodle

The next dog that will make a good companion for aged people is a poodle. Poodles are extremely intelligent & affectionate dogs. They form a strong bond with everyone in the family. Their energy level is moderate so you would need to walk them daily. They also don’t shed much & don’t require regular grooming, just once or twice a month is enough. Poodles come in 3 different sizes – toy, miniature & standard.

#3. Beagle

If you live an active lifestyle & looking for a furry companion that can match your energy, then a beagle is the right fit for you. They are quite energetic, fun & have easy-going characteristics, making them a great companion for old people. Bred as hunting dogs, beagle tends to have high energy level & they love to use their sense of smell so you will definitely have a good time taking them on walks.

chihuahua for senior citizens#4. Chihuahua

The next dog on our list is Chihuahua. This dog breed may have small stature but are full of energy. They are lively, spunky, and will keep you entertained all the time. If you are looking for a lap dog then this dog breed is just ideal for you as they love to sit on the lap of their owners all day long. They also don’t have high exercise requirements so you can just exercise them indoor.

#5. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavaliers are an amazing dog who is small & loves to snuggle with its owner. They are very affectionate dogs & can easily adapt to any housing environment. They have a calm temperament & are easy to train. When it comes to grooming, you may have to brush their coat daily to keep it clean & healthy.

#6. French bulldog

If you want a calm & amiable pooch then you can go for a French bulldog. They have low energy needs so taking them on a small walk is enough to channelize their energy. French bulldogs love to be around their owners so you can expect them to be giving you lots of cuddles all day long.

shih tzu for senior citizen#7. Shih Tzu

If you live in a suburban setting & want a cute lap dog as your companion, then bringing home a Shih Tzu would be an ideal decision. They are playful yet affectionate so you will have a good time together. They love human attention & love to cuddle. They have low energy requirements so short walks are enough to meet their exercise needs.

So, these the top 7 dog breeds that are best suitable for senior citizens. All these dog breeds have a calm temperament, low exercise requirement so, you can easily take care of them without much hassle. All of these dogs belong to a small to the medium group so, you can expect them to be cuddly, playful, and low-maintenance.

Type of dogs to avoid

Bringing home a furry companion comes with an added responsibility to take care of them. Senior citizens can definitely become pet parents but to make their experience rewarding, it is important to avoid the dogs that don’t match up with their lifestyle. Don’t forget to consider the energy level & exercise requirement for your dog. Make sure that your dog’s energy level matches yours, for instance- if you aren’t much active yourself, then it could be difficult for you to handle an active dog.

Make sure to evaluate all the factors like age, personality, and lifestyle so that you can enjoy perfect companionship with your canine friend.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that dogs make a great pet for senior citizens as they not only keep you in the company but also give your endless love & affection, but some breeds are better than the others so, to experience the ideal companionship, it is important to pick the right dog.

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