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Benefits of Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Keeping your dog on a raw food diet is quite controversial as many dog owners think that it is not the correct type of diet for dogs. However, the raw food diet has immense health benefits which can help in keeping your dog healthy & happy. Raw food or BARF is a natural diet that dogs have been eating before even getting domesticated so feeding a raw diet is completely safe. BARF refers to “Biologically Approved Raw Food” and it consists of uncooked meat, bones, fish, minerals & supplements which help in improving dog’s health & longevity.

Commercial pet food has a long list of fillers such as cornstarch, rice protein, brewer rice, etc which can harm your dog’s health & make him fall sick. Switching your dog’s diet to raw food is one of the best ways to keep your dog’s health intact. Raw food diet helps in resolving your dog’s digestive issues so if your dog has digestive issues then you can get rid of them by switching his diet.

There is a big misconception among dog owners that dog food is all about kibble & canned food but the reality is that such food doesn’t provide all the nutrition that a dog’s body needs to maintain good well-being. The dog’s anatomy suggests that raw food diet is highly beneficial for keeping them healthy & free of diseases. Dogs are carnivores in nature, and before domestication, their diet predominantly consists of raw meat so thinking that feeding a raw diet can harm them is a huge mistake. Raw food diet mimics the diet that dogs used to have before becoming domesticated so it is completely harmless.

Are you still in a dilemma about whether or not you should feed a raw food diet to your dog?

In this article, we’ve rounded up numerous benefits of feeding a raw food diet to dogs:

Dogs are adapted to extract nutrition from raw foods so you can always feed a barf diet rather than choosing other diet formats.  The benefits associated with raw dog food are:

Complete nutrition

One of the major benefits of feeding raw food to your dog is that it helps in providing complete nutrition. Raw food has all the nutritious value intact in it which goes directly to your furry companion’s body when he consumes it. Sometimes, food lost its nutritional value while cooking as when you cook vegetables then the cellulose casing gets removed from them which makes it difficult for your dog to digest it so, the best way to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrients from the food is by feeding him raw.

Improves dental health

The next benefit associated with the raw food diet is that it helps in improving the dental health of your dog. Nowadays, most dogs tend to have some degree of periodontal disease which largely occurs due to the consumption of commercial food. By cutting out commercial dog food, and feeding a raw diet, you can improve your dog’s dental health. By feeding him a raw diet, you can eliminate the possibility of plaque buildup. Also, raw bones are a good source of calcium which helps in improving the dog’s dental health.

Better excretion

Another major benefit associated with the raw dog food diet is that it promotes better excretion. Switching from cooked to raw food diet can a remarkable change in your dog’s stool quality. Commercial pet food is more carbohydrate-heavy that is why it results in more waste whereas raw food can easily be broken down completely by the dog’s body so the waste is produced in a smaller amount.

Healthier skin & fur

The next benefit of feeding raw is that it helps in promoting healthier skin & coat. Every dog owner wants the layer of his dog’s coat to be healthy. A dog’s diet sets the foundation of the dog’s skin & fur quality so by feeding raw and unprocessed food to your furry companion, you can improve his digestion & can also minimize allergy triggers.

Better physical health

Another major benefit associated with the raw food diet is that it helps in improving the physical health of the furry companion. If you want your dog to have a good physique then you should consider feeding him raw meat as it contains all the nutrients in well-proportions whereas, commercial food has fillers & preservatives which make dogs obese.

Stronger Immune system

Another major benefit associated with the raw food diet is that it helps in strengthing the Immune system of the dog. We all know strong is the immune of wild dogs as compared to our pets, and it is so because of their diet. Wild dogs eat raw food which is rich in fatty-acids & immune-boosting nutrients so, by switching commercial food with raw food, you can boost your dog’s Immune system.

No more allergies

Another major benefit associated with the raw dog food diet is that it helps in keeping you away from allergies. Wheat & corn are the top allergens for the dog, and the commercial food mainly consists of these two components so to eliminate allergy saga from your dog’s life, you should consider feeding him raw food diet.

So, these are some of the benefits associated with a raw dog food diet. Dogs are carnivores with omnivores abilities so to keep your dog’s physical & mental health intact, you should consider switching to a raw dog food diet. Feeding raw food from a young age will help in improving his overall well-being.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that a raw food diet is the most natural & healthy way of feeding your furry companion. To keep your dog healthy & happy, you should start feeding a raw diet to your dog.

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