Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Dogs

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Benefits of Positive Reinforcement in Dogs

Positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in training a dog. Positive reinforcement is a training method in which the dog owner rewards only the desirable behavior of his furry companion. The dog owner can surely raise a well-mannered dog by using this method of training. In positive reinforcement method, the trainer or dog owner make use of treat or praise as a reward. In the initial stage of the training session, when you teach something new to a dog and wants him to remember it then you can make use of this method as your dog will understand that if he does this he will be rewarded for that.

By considering positive reinforcement, you will be able to lay the foundation for a well-behaved dog. Training has to be a fun and learning experience and treat and praise act as a motivator. By rewarding all the desirable behaviors, you can strengthen the learning process.

Dogs are motivated by certain things such as to treat, praise or toys and rewarding him with his favorite things will make him do it more frequently. This way he is actually practicing all the desirable behavior and it will eventually become his habit.

The negative reinforcement only adds to the dog’s frustration and anger and, it can make your dog even more violent so, the dog owners must refrain from adopting negative reinforcement approach to train the dog.

A well-mannered dog is appreciated everywhere and also offers an enjoyable experience to the people that’s why it becomes highly important to shape a dog’s behavior using positive reinforcement tactics. Many scientific pieces of research also prove that positive reinforcement can truly help in filtering a dog’s behavior in the right way. The positive reinforcement method is a great way to aid a dog’s learning process. The training session can become more fun for your dog when positive reinforcement technique is involved.

There are huge benefits of positive reinforcement which every dog owner should be aware of. Dogs enjoy being praised or treated by their dog owner & it also helps in promoting good behavior in them. By using positive reinforcement technique, you can teach your dog new commands. If you associate rewards with good behavior then your dog is most likely to engage himself in good behavior only. Training with rewards is a great way to establish a life-long companionship with your furry companion. Reward-based training sessions can boost up your dog’s confidence & shape up his overall behavior.

If you are a novice dog owner then you need to understand both positive & negative reinforcement in dogs before thinking about training your dog. Using negative reinforcement implies using aggressive methods to teach your dog new things. It also involves punishments which may increase the fear & aggression in your dog that’s why using a positive reinforcement method while training a dog is a better way to help your dog new things.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of positive reinforcement in dogs:

Helps in strengthening the bond

One of the most important benefits that one gets from positive reinforcement approach is that it helps in strengthening the bond that you share with your furry companion. Training sessions are a great way to develop the relationship with your dog and involving praises and treats as a reward can make it even stronger. Through positive reinforcement, you can encourage your dog to practice more desirable behavior.

Helps in correcting the behavioral issue

Some dogs are more aggressive and destructive than others and training them may seem like a perilous task. However, if the dog owner chooses to train him by punishing him then it can only make the situation even worse. For dealing with any behavioral issue, the dog owner must consider establishing rules, boundaries & limitations involving positive reinforcement approach.

Helps in building confidence in your dog

Positive reinforcement helps in building confidence level of your furry companion. it has been observed that dogs who are frequently punished by their owners can become fearful and have low confidence whereas positive reinforcement helps in boosting confidence level in dogs.

Training session as a fun time

Positive reinforcement can make each and every training session a rewarding and fun experience for your four-legged friend. Once your dog understands that every desirable behavior can bring him reward then it will consider every training session as a playtime. This positive outlook can make your dog learn every skill easily and effectively.

So, these are the benefits of positive reinforcement training in dogs. This method of training can make your dog learn all the important lessons in a fun and rewarding way.

April 17, 2018|Dog Training

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