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Benefits of Olive Oil for Dogs

Olive oil is an oil which is extracted from the whole olives. It is incredibly beneficial for dogs as it helps in improving their health. Olive oil is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in keeping your dog’s health intact. It also helps in enhancing the quality of the dog’s coat. Olive oil is commonly used in the wet dog foods.

Let’s find out various benefits of olive oil for dogs:

Helps in boosting the immune system

Olive oil helps to immune your dog from various diseases as it contains antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamin E. if your dog is more prone to diseases then you should give him olive oil in small amount on a regular basis.

Improves blood circulation

Adding olive oil in your furry companion’s diet can help in improving the blood circulation in his body so, make sure to give him olive oil on a regular basis.

Helps in aiding weight loss

Olive oil helps in aiding weight loss by breaking down the fat cells. The monounsaturated fats help in reducing the insulin sensitivity. Olive oil acts as a weight-loss engine so if your four-legged friend is over-weight then you should consider adding olive oil in his meals.

Promotes overall health

Olive oil helps in keeping your four-legged friend’s health intact. It contains oleic acid which helps in preventing threatening disease.

Helps in moisturizing your dog’s skin

If your dog tends to have flaky and dry skin then a daily dose of olive oil can help in dealing with these issues. It will restore the luster of his skin and, it will make his skin soft and smooth. Olive oil helps in repairing your skin by providing them ample moisturization.

Good for brain health

It has been proven in the studies that oleocanthal present in the olives can help in reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Senior dog’s brain tends to decline in the cognitive skills which can be overcome by giving a daily dosage of olive oil.

Helps in extending your dog’s life

Olive oil helps in extending your dog’s life by preventing oxidation of radical cells which results in premature aging in dogs. If you want to add more years to your furry companion’s life then you should consider adding olive oil to his diet.

Helps in making food more delicious

If your dog has lost his appetite then you should consider adding olive oil in his meals as it will make the food more delicious and eventually, your dog’s appetite will improve.

So, these were the benefits that your dog can get by consuming olive oil. The dog owner needs to add little amount of oil in his meals and, you can also massage his skin with this oil as it will help in making his joints stronger and coat lustrous. Make sure to consult your veterinarian before giving it to your furry friend.

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