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A Guide To Care For Wrinkly Dogs

Humans may not look good with wrinkles but when it comes to dogs, wrinkles look truly amazing on them. Wrinkly dogs have a very unique appearance why is why taking care for a wrinkly dog is different from other dogs. The many folded skin of a wrinkly dog needs extra care and attention so before you plan to bring home a cute wrinkly dog, you should be aware of how to care for them properly.

Breeds like pugs, mastiff, French bulldog, Shar-pei, bloodhound, etc. belong to wrinkly dog breeds. Having a great understanding of your dog’s wrinkles is important to keep any fatal skin issues away. The distinctive look of wrinkly dogs requires special care to avoid any health problems.

Popular wrinkly dog breeds

  • Pugs
  • Mastiffs
  • Shar-pei
  • Bulldog

Why do some dogs have a wrinkly face?

The major reason behind the wrinkly face of some specific dogs is because they were originally bred for fighting purposes like English mastiff & shar pei. However, over the years, due to the immense popularity of wrinkly face dogs among people, more dogs have been selectively bred to expand the wrinkle dog category. The wrinkle breed dogs are no longer used in fighting or hunting expedition, and just like other dog breeds, wrinkly dogs have become a great companion to humans.

Common issues with wrinkle dogs

Wrinkle on dogs look extremely cute but as mentioned before the wrinkles should be cleaned regularly otherwise it can result in many issues such as:

  • Dirt & debris can easily get settled in the wrinkly area & can result in making the skin itchy
  • Presence of dirt & debris can also inflame the skin
  • Debris settled in the wrinkly area can also cause bacterial or yeast infection

How to care for a wrinkly dog?

To avoid any health issues, you need to take good care of your pooch’s wrinkly skin. By following a proper dog skincare routine, you can help your dog to live a healthy & happy life.

  • First of all, make sure to clean your dog’s wrinkle at least once a day. All you need is a clean washcloth & cotton balls. Gently wipe your dog’s wrinkly area with a damp washcloth & use the cotton balls to clean the eye area.
  • Make sure to bath your dog frequently as it will help in avoiding the dust settling on to the skin. Don’t over-bath him as it can make your dog’s skin dry.
  • You should thoroughly examine the wrinkles for fleas & ticks as sometimes fleas & ticks can get infested under the wrinkling.

Final Thoughts

Having a wrinkly furry companion is a big responsibility which every dog owner should understand. Taking good care of wrinkly dog’s skin will help him in living a healthy & happy life.

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