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7 Least Obedient Dog Breeds

We all know every breed of dog has different sets of weakness & strength. Well, of course, all dogs need love, attention, and training to fit well in the human community but you may need to go an extra mile with some breeds. That being said, we aren’t suggesting that these breeds of dog aren’t good or lovable, but you just need to give an extra effort at training to make your pet parenting experience more fulfilling.

A dog’s personality depends on numerous factors such as his genetic makeup, training, environmental factors, etc. So based on all these factors, you can decide whether the dog should be categorized as a lap dog, guard dog, family dog, etc. For humans, a dog is categorized as obedient companions by evaluating his understanding of new commands & ability to respond to them.

In the year 1994, neuropsychological researcher Stanley Coren shed light on the understanding of the inner working of our canine companions, in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs. He did an extensive survey & ultimately found that 51% of a dog’s intelligence stems from its genes while 49% is based on environmental circumstances. Then, he took the data of 140 breeds & rank them in their ability to understand & learn new commands.

Based on Coren’s research, we’ve rounded up the 7 least obedient dog breeds out in the world today:

#1. Chow-chow

The first dog that made it to our list is chow-chow. This breed of dog is well known for its cat-like personality. Just like cats, they are aloof & stubborn. Before you bring home a chow-chow, be aware of his stubborn personality which implies that they will choose to ignore your commands unless they are really interested in doing it. Nevertheless, chow-chow makes a great canine companion, all you need to do is socialize him from an early age so that he can be friendly with everyone.

#2. Bulldog

The next least obedient dog breed is the bull dog. Bulldogs are great family dogs, but when it comes to training & obedience, they don’t do well. They have playful energy like children but when it comes to training, you just need to put more efforts & patience to learn any command. It’s not like they aren’t intelligent, they are just slow at learning.

#3. Afghan hound

This dog breed is known for being extremely affectionate to its owner, but being bred to chase preys all day makes them pretty aloof. Their independent nature makes it hard for their owners to train them as their hunting instincts aren’t that easy to subside.

#4. Dachshund

The next least obedient dog on our list is a dachshund. This breed of dog is known to be independent and stubborn which makes it difficult to train them. They need proper mental & physical stimulation to keep their health intact. If not provided with proper stimulation then, they can become quite disobedient.

#5. Beagle

Beagles were bred to be hunters & they used to use their sense of smell to chase their preys. Training them may give you hard time as they prefer to follow their nose instead of your commands. You have to give them plenty of exercises so that they don’t become destructive.

#6. Siberian husky

The next breed of dog that may not follow your commands or be obedient is the Siberian husky. These beautiful dogs are well known to be a free-spirited dog. When it comes to training them, you just have to be extra patient with them so that they can become more obedient.

#7. Bloodhound

The next least obedient dog on our list is a bloodhound. According to Dogtime, Bloodhounds are the definition of the word stubborn. Bloodhounds can be highly disobedient when not provided with proper training. If you don’t consider training them from an early age then they can become very destructive.

So, these are our top 7 least obedient dogs that may need extra time or efforts in training. You can surely go for them as all make a great family dog but just be aware to provide proper training to make your dog parenting experience rewarding.

Final thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that some dogs can be difficult to train, but you can also make things work out with some efforts & patience. Don’t forget that obedience comes with proper discipline so make sure to place discipline where it is needed.


May 21, 2021|Dog Care

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