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5 Weird Dog Behaviors Explained

Do you share your home with a dog then you probably must have witnessed some weird dog behavior? Although dogs are not as mysterious as cats are but sometimes, dogs exhibit some weird behavior which makes us wonder what they’re up to. Like people often wonder why do dogs chase their tail or why do dogs hide their treats, well dogs have strange behavioral habits which go straight above human heads. From poop eating to sniffing butts and humping, etc. dogs display weird behavior which could be puzzling to both novice and experienced dog owners.

weird dog behaviorIn this article, we will deeply discuss some of the strange dog behavior & will try to understand the reason behind such behaviors that probably every dog displays. As we have discussed in an article about canine communication that dogs communicate through their behavior, and the only way to understand them is by understanding their body movements & gestures.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 weird dog behavior and what they mean:

  • Eating poop

One of the grossest sight for any dog owner is to see his furry companion eating poop. Most dogs engage in poop eating behavior which makes people wonder why are they eating their own or other dog’s poop. The act of eating poop is known as coprophagia which is more common in puppies. Dogs or puppies who eats poop do it out of a natural instinct. Back when dogs weren’t domesticated, the mother dogs used to eat the feces of their puppies to avoid predators killing their defenseless new-borns. The puppies then used to mimic the poop eating behavior of their mom. So, the poop eating behavior of dogs is definitely gross but it is carried out by them due to their natural instinct. However, if your dog is eating poop excessively then you should consider taking him to a veterinarian to get him checked for any health issues.

  • Circling before sitting

Another weird dog behavior which we all must have witnessed is dog moving in a circular motion before settling down. This behavior evokes curiosity in humans mind as to why do their dogs spin every time before sitting. To under the main reason behind this behavior we need to go back to the time when dogs weren’t domesticated. At that time, dogs used to circle around before sitting or sleeping to make the sitting area more comfortable & to ensure that any fatal creatures like scorpion & snakes aren’t present around. So we can say that dogs engage in this behavior only to make the sitting area as comfy as possible.

  • Sniffing butts

weird dog behaviorAnother bizarre dog behavior is sniffing butts. In human society, this sniffing butts behavior is totally unacceptable but in the canine world, it is actually good manners. As we all are aware of the fact that dogs use their sense of smell to know about everything. When dogs sniff each other butts, it implies that they are collecting about each other. In the human world, we shake hands and greet each other but in the canine world, dogs sniff butts to learn about one another.

  • Head tilting

Another weird yet cute behavior that is much common in puppies & young dogs is head tilting. Most people wonder why do their dogs tilt head, is he questioning anything or trying to understand something. Many studies have proved that head tilting has many different meaning. Sometimes, a dog tilts his head to get in a better position to hear and sometimes it can also indicate about the possibility of ear infection. So, on noticing any suspicious head tilts, you should consider visiting a veterinarian.

  • Humping

The most awkward out all the weird behavior that a dog exhibit is humping. Dog humping is commonly associated with sexual excitement & mating which is why dog humping is an awkward behavior. However, in many studies, it has been proved that a dog humping doesn’t necessarily mean displaying sexual urges, and it can also occur due to other reasons like some dogs have an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) to hump & some dogs hump due to lack of proper socialization or lack of proper obedience training.Other weird dog behavior

  • Most people also wonder why do dogs touch or nudge them with their noses?

Well, nose nudging is another form of communication that a dog uses. However, the exact meaning depends on the situation. Like sometimes a dog nudges his nose for attention or for showing his submissiveness. Nose nudging can also be categorized as a demanding behavior.

  • Some dog owners also wonder why do their dogs lay their heads on them?

Dogs & humans share a unique bond of love and companionship. Dogs convey their feeling through their gestures and laying head on their pack leader is also a way of communication. A dog may lay his head on you because he wants attention, affection, food or has any health problem.

If your dog also engages in these weird behavior then don’t worry your dog is not the only one. Most weird behaviors that our furry companion exhibits are all passed down to them from their ancestors.

Final Thoughts

All dogs often behave weirdly but they do have a certain meaning behind them which every dog owner should be aware of. The dog owners shouldn’t freak out on observing such weird behavior as most of these behaviors happen due to their natural instinct.

September 7, 2019|Dog Care

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