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10 Must-have Dog Essential Items

Do you have a four-legged companion at home, or are you just thinking about getting one? Well, we all want to experience an ideal parenting experience, while giving our dogs a stress-free & comfortable living. However, just showering our love isn’t enough, they also need some essential gears to make their life more enjoyable.

Bringing a dog home comes with a big responsibility as your dog’s well being completely depends on you. Being said that, all of us can agree that dog supplies play an important role in the beginning, middle, and end of your dog’s journey.

The pet stores are filled with different pet products but it’s obviously doesn’t make sense to all of them. Your pooch needs just a few essential items that he would require throughout the years. Gathering all the necessities is important so that you don’t have to rush to the pet store at an odd hour. With all the essential gears at your disposal, you’ll be fully prepared to handle dog ownership easily.

Here’s the list of 10 essential dog gears that every dog owner must own:

#1. Dog collar

The first thing that you should consider buying for your furry companion is an appropriate sized dog collar. The collar shouldn’t be too tight as then it can potentially collapse your dog’s neck and it shouldn’t be too loose either, as then your dog can easily get him out of it. The collar should be of the right size so that it can fit his neck properly without making him uncomfortable. Make sure that the collar has extra loops where you can attach the dog tags.

#2. Comfy bed

Just like humans, dogs also need a comfy bed where they can sleep soundly at night. Unlike the floor, a bed can keep your dog warm & help him to get a long stretch of sleep. Getting a bed is important as it will give your dog his own space where he can sit or sleep whenever he wants.

#3. Leash or harness

We all know how much dogs love to take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Well, whenever you take your dog outside, it is important to keep him on a leash to ensure his safety. If your canine companion pulls too much on the leash then, you can opt for a harness as it will be attached to his back and not on his neck. Make sure to get a good quality leash or harness so that your dog can enjoy his walks without feeling uncomfortable.

#4. Washable dog bowls

The next thing that your dog would need is a set of washable dog bowls. Go for stainless steel bowls as they are easy to wash, sanitize and are available at affordable prices. Your dog will be going to need the bowls to have his meal & water so make sure to invest in a good quality bowl.

#5. Kong toys

Unlike humans, dogs don’t prefer just lying around the whole day. They love to be productive or at least, prefer to engage in activities that can keep them occupied otherwise they get bored. We all know how important it is to keep a dog mentally stimulated, this is where kong toys enter the picture. Kong toys are designed in a way that you can easily put treats in them & let your dog be occupied with it to get the yummy treat out.

#6. Water bottle

No, we’re talking about an ordinary water bottle that you carry around. Your dog needs a special water bottle from which he can drink water whenever he is out and about. Before taking our dog outdoor, always carry his water bottle so that he can stay hydrated. Walking the dog when the mercury is rising may lead to overheating so always carry a sturdy & good-quality water bottle with you.

#7. Dental care products

Taking care of your pooch’s dental health is important otherwise it may lead to many health consequences. Dental hygiene is as important for canine companions as it is for humans. Make sure to invest in quality oral hygiene products such as toothbrush, dog-safe toothpaste & teeth wipes so that you can easily maintain your dog’s health.

#8. Anti-tick powder

Having a good anti-flea powder is important to help your dog tackle the flea infestation problem. In summers, dogs can easily get infected with fleas so having an anti-tick powder is always a good idea.

#9. Grooming supplies

No matter what breed your dog belongs to, you need grooming supplies to keep your dog well-groomed. Depending on the kind of your coat, you need to buy all the grooming essentials. From brush, clippers, to shampoo, you need to buy all the grooming supplies.

#10. Durable chew toys

The next important thing that you should invest in is a durable chew toy. Dogs have an instinct to chew on things so giving them durable chew toys is the best way to let your dog direct his energy into it. Chew toys can improve your dog’s dental health & also helps in providing him proper mental stimulation.

So, these are the ten must-have dog gears that you should get for your pooch. If you are planning to get your pooch home, then make sure to stock all these essential items beforehand so that he can lead a smooth life.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to have got all the essential dog gears to make your dog live happily in your home.

May 20, 2021|Dog Care

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