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We all know a dog brings optimism and joy in our life but we also need to ensure their state of well being by providing them all the care and nourishment for their better development.
So here we assist you with all the knowledge you need to  have regarding the health, training issues you may face if you own a dog.

“Sometimes, a speechless four-legged companion understands you better than an intellectual human.”


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.

Happy Tail Syndrome in Dogs

A dog’s wagging tail is one of the most common signs of a happy dog. When something excites a dog, he keeps on wagging his tail back and forth. The tail is an extended part […]

Warning Signs of Dog Depression

Just like humans, dogs can also experience depression. Being a speechless creature, your dog unable to communicate his melancholy to you, however, you can always get to know about your dog’s emotional or mental state […]

Why dogs are better than cats?

Has anyone ever asked you whether you are a dog person or a cat person? There is a timeless debate between dog and cat lovers: which species makes a better pet? Although it completely is […]

Top 10 most expensive dog breeds

Is there any better way to spend thousands of dollars other than getting a canine companion? Well, for a dog lover, “NO”. According to FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), there are around 339 recognized dog breeds, […]

Why do dogs lick their wounds?

Dogs incessantly licking his wounds is a much common sight to every dog owner. It is considered a common practice in the animal world. We all know that dogs love to lick everything but just […]

Why playtime is important for dogs?

In the canine world, playtime plays a crucial role in keeping dogs both mentally & physically fit. Letting your dog indulge in a good playtime can help in keeping his overall well-being intact. Many studies […]