Just like humans, dogs also require a balance of various nutrients for leading a healthy and long life. A complete balance diet will ensure the proper balance of nutrients in the body. The various nutrients he needs for proper functioning of body are:

  1. Water: a dog’s body is 84% water so it is most important component for proper functioning of body so you need to ensure to keep your dog hydrated.
  2. Protein: it is the most important nutrient as it promotes dog’s growth. It also helps in the muscles development, It also helps in repairing damaged cells.
  3. Fats: fats provide the source of energy to the dog, it helps in the proper functioning of brain and also keeps the skin healthy. But excess of fat is injurious to health so you need to give it in adequate proportion.
  4. Minerals and vitamins: minerals are necessary for proper conducting of nerves and vitamins are important for processing bio-chemicals and also helps in preventing diseases
  5. Carbohydrates: these are considered much lower form of nutrition. It provides fibres to the body and helps the dog in the digestion.

A dog’s body need all of these nutrients in well proportions so the dog-owner needs to take care of this and must consider giving his dog a balanced diet so that he can stay healthy and also remain free of any kind of health issues.

August 2018

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